Top Things to Consider When You Choose a 2 Handle Shower Faucet

There are 2 simple types of shower faucets. The first one just sits on the drain and might permit minor adjustments. The second one has a handle that allows you to move the same along the body, and generally rests over a surface when it is not used. The moving shower head allows you to move the water stream over the body. The mobile wand allows users to target a particular spot of the body with a spray of the head of the shower. Know about some of the top things that have to be considered while choosing a 2 Handle Shower Faucet.

Look for a suitable style

When you choose this type of faucet, it is often a good idea that you choose a 2 Handle Shower Faucet which resembles the style that your present faucet is in. It will let you match the faucet easily with the current shower plumbing lines. Remember that if you wish to go with a faucet of an entirely different style or size, you might have to run additional lines to the shower or have the existing lines moved to fit the faucet.

Gold 2 Handle Bathtub Faucet
Gold 2 Handle Bathtub Faucet

Look for the right material

While replacing any kind of 2 Handle Shower Faucet, you have to consider what type of material it is composed of. Brass tends to last for the most time, but it is also more expensive than the other forms. Most buyers prefer faucets that are made of copper, iron or aluminum. It is easy to understand why many people love to purchase materials of a lower quality – to save money – although the cost consideration is not always a good idea. This is especially the case when it comes to choosing plumbing materials for homes, which are expected to last and serve for a really long time. Few buyers would want to replace the plumbing fixtures in their home every now and then.

Think about the controls

When you consider buying a 2 Handle Shower Faucet, you have to also take into consideration the controls for cold and hot water. Most of the showers today make use of just one knob that does not allow the shower user to determine whether they wish to mix hot and cold water. It is more convenient to install the single lever, but it might pose issues for those who have too much cold and heat sensitivity. It is better to allow users to make water temperature adjustments by mixing cold and hot water in their own showers.

Brass Two HandlesTub Faucets
Brass Two HandlesTub Faucets

Even the faucets and shower heads of a costlier type do not run too high. A decent 2 Handle Shower Faucet may last for as long time as 10 years or for even more time, as long as they are maintained well by homeowners. In case the plumbing has to be substituted along with the shower head and spigot, there might be a rise in the expenses for the task. While replacing the faucet, ensure that you get detailed instructions prior to the task in case you have no know-how of home repair.

All you want to know about shower faucet | Homerise Decor

All you want to know about shower faucet

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