Smok Veneno 225w Review

The Smok Veneno 225w Kit is a new and unique Vaping Device. Lots of new features especially the LED lights that are integrated into its design from front to back of the Box Mod up to its Atomizer which is the TVF8 Big Baby Tank. The Veneno Box Mod has a 225 watts of maximum output that houses two 18650 batteries that can power-up your Cloud Chasing builds.

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Background: Smok VENENO 225w Kit

I think I know where Smok Tech got the idea of Veneno Box Mod design, inspired by a racecar which is the Lamborghini’s Veneno Spyder. They have the same name and has a similar design in it. Honestly, If I will design a Vaping Device I would probably do the same, creating an awesome racecar-inspired Mod.

Smok Veneno 225w Kit has LED lights on almost every part of it. The kit has a sub-ohm tank (produces huge clouds) which is the TVF8 Big Baby Tank with 5ml e-liquid capacity.

Smok Veneno 225w Iron Man
Iron Man – Red and Gold Color Option

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Veneno 225w Box Mod
  • 1x TVF8 Big Baby Tank
    • 1x V8 Q2 Core (0.4 ohms) – Dual Coil
    • 1x V8 T8 Core (0.15 ohms) – Octuple Coil
  • 6pcs Color Sealing O-rings – Color option for Tank’s LED lights
  • USB Cable
  • Spare Parts & User Manual
Smok Veneno 225w Kit Package

Key Features of the Smok VENENO Kit

Smok Veneno 225w

  • Multiple Safety Features – Includes: Intelligent Atomizer Recognition, Puff Monitoring, Short Circuit Protection, Over Heating Protection and 10 Secs Cut-Off (this is very useful when your device is in your pocket and accidentally fires)
  • Ergonomic Firing Button – The Firing Button is designed to blend with the overall exterior look, a large button for easy and hassle-free firing experience.
  • Max 225 Watts Output – A very powerful device with a 225 watts, sub-ohm coil builds will have no problem with the help of Dual 18650 Batteries for a longer battery life.
  • LED Lights – 12 color options for LED lights, fully customizable for the users.
  • High Definition OLED UI – A high-quality resolution in user interface, with this alone you can already tell that this device has a good built-in system inside.

TVF8 Big Baby Tank

  • LED Lights On Tank – When firing this device, the bottom part of the glass will light up.
  • Top-Filling System – Designed for an easy dripping for your e-liquids.
  • 5ml Capacity – With this capacity of e-liquid for a tank it will last you a long time.
  • Bottom Airflow – This kind of airflows are best for flavor chasing experience.
Smok Veneno 225w Kit Rainbow

Design: Smok VENENO 225w

Smok Tech’s Veneno 225W Box Mod, from what I am observing they focuses more on the design features of this device. Thinking out of the box on how their product will stand out from the rest.

LED Lights everywhere! from the front of the Box Mod to large LED lights on the back up to the Atomizer Tank. Is it useful? I should say this is more on the aesthetics part. For me, the best design that I really like on the Veneno Box Mod is the Large Ergonomic Button, a very useful and beautiful design for a hassle-free firing experience.

Smok-Veneno 225w Kit Review Design

Performance: Smok VENENO Kit

The Smok Veneno 225w Kit is a Beginner friendly device. If you are just planning on switching from smoking to vaping this is definitely for you. Veneno 225w Box Mod is fully equipped with safety features. The best safety feature that I like with this device is Short Circuit and Overheating Protections and its 10 Seconds Cut-off.

While this is a Newby Friendly device, we are definitely recommending this also for advanced users. The Smok Veneno has a maximum output of 225 watts that is enough or I should say too much extra power. Your Cloud Chasing game will be satisfied with this Box Mod, it can power up any Sub-Ohm coil builds (Just be careful, don’t go to low. Always check for safety).

Smok Veneno 225w Kit Performance
Look at those green lights, it looks like a booster on a racing track

Smok VENENO Kit VS Similar Kits

  • Smok G-Prv 2 vs Veneno 225w – In terms of power that these two Box Mods can provide, they are equally similar in performance, but The Veneno 225w Kit is much cheaper than Smok G-Priv 2 with only $87.00compared to $99.99 G-Priv 2.
  • iJoy Genie PD270 vs Smok Veneno 225w – LED Lights Showdown! These two devices both have shiny glowing features. iJoy Genie PD270 with RGB Lights while Smok Veneno 225w has 12 color options of LED lights front and back. If you will ask me I’ll definitely go with Smok Veneno 225w, because of its looks and having more customizable lights.

Final Thoughts on the Smok VENENO 225w Kit

My overall impression with Smok Veneno 225w is good. Another new and unique vaping device to put on my list. What makes this as a unique Vaping Device, of course, the LED lights everywhere  it is very unusual to see this kind of Box Mods, this trend is similar to customizing your own desktop computer.

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