SMOK Novo Pod System Kit 450mAh Review – beautiful honeycomb snake

First impression What happened, everyone? I’ve reviewed so many pods, this time it’s one of Smok’s. Yes, I’m talking about the Smok Novo Pod System Kit 450mAh . Let me show you everything.

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Smok Novo Pod Design and colors

Size: 88.3 × 24.3 × 14.3 mm
Battery capacity: 450 mA
Power range: 10W-
16W Standby current: <200uA
Capacity: 2ml

The SMOK NOVO kit comes with
1 × NOVO Mod
2 × Pod (no electronic fluid)
1 × USB Cable
1 × User Manual

Check this. I’m not going to take plastic off it, because I have to pick it up, but you can see that it has beautiful kite skin. Just here you have the LED. A bit of Smok brand , I ordered a little chrome here. Inside, you will see that you have two gold-plated pins. This is the box activation system. This is your small micro USB cable.

Here is one of your 2 pods. Look at this, dude! Smok that you listen, and I really like it. You can see your reel and your cotton there. Right here, where you draw your little tab, and you fill it. The tab remains on the container itself. Leaves and goes easily.

Good, everything! We returned to the first place with the Smok Novo Pod System 450mAh Kit . About the flowers, you saw the red below. This is a green color. Also comes in black, white, rainbow, pink, royal blue and blue.

Let’s look down a bit. It does not have a fire key, buttons up / down, no leaks, and the battery indicator informs you of low voltage, this is the perfect device for your vacation. It uses an innovative system with air control, this SMOK Novo Pod System System 450mAh will produce a huge cloud, and you can find more pleasure from each tightening. So, do you want the Smok Novo Pod system to start the colorful VAPING experience?


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