Kangertech’s new K-Pin is a great little kit for beginners who are looking for good taste and flavor without all the confusing techy bits and settings. Kangertech is a solid and reliable brand, especially for beginners, so you know you’ll be able to pick up this K-Pin Kit and start vaping straight away with no problems. But there are a couple of points which were a big issue for me and could have others preferring to go with an older Kangertech kit over the K-Pin. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Product Pros

  • Retractable mouthpiece
  • Easy to use
  • Good flavor

Product Cons

  • Cloud production is limited

Kanger K-Pin 4 ML Kit Review: Breakdown

Build Quality

In my experience, Kangertech is a reliable brand for Vaporizers putting out notable units like the TopBox and the Kanger K-Pin is no exception. It’s a standard pen style vaporizer that doesn’t come with any flashy technology and is really great for beginners just looking to fill up and go.

It is a sleek design, though personally, it looks a little plasticky to me and not really to my tastes, but it’s not an unsightly looking unit. The variety of colors means that if you like the design, you’ll find one in a color to suit you. It also comes with a handy, retractable top for hygienic vaping, though I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not this is just a gimmick.

Inside the box, you’ll find a USB charging cable, the kit itself and two of the Kangertech SSOC 0.2ohm coils. These are the standard coils that Kangertech uses and they produce a pretty good cloud and flavor overall, especially from a little kit like this one. Of course, there are no power adjustments with this type of kit. One issue I found is that there’s no way to change the airflow. This could be a real issue for some people, especially when you’re a beginner and might not want such a big hit from your unit.

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Vapor Quality

It’s actually surprising how much cloud the Kanger K-Pin produces, especially when compared to other units of this type. Even with no way of adjusting power settings etc, the clouds produced are pretty big and the flavor is nice too. The Kangertech SSOC coils are pretty good for flavor and cloud as they are standard in all recent Kangertech kits.

Overall, you probably won’t be blown away (pun intended) by the flavor or cloud produced with the Kanger K-Pin, but for the size of the unit, it certainly impressed us.


Honestly, there’s not much to say about the Kanger K-Pin and versatility. When it comes to kits like this you don’t really need to be thinking about how compatible or customisable they are. You get what you need in the pack. It does the job. But if you want something with more customizability then obviously you wouldn’t be looking at this sort of kit to buy in the first place.

It’s easy to use, suitable for beginners, and has a convenient top-fill so you can just twist off the top, fill with your juice and away you go. The good thing about the Kanger K-Pin is that it does feature a set of 5 LED lights that will gradually go out as your battery life goes down. Not many of these smaller kits allow you to monitor battery life so a feature like this is a welcome change.


Well, obviously kits like the Kanger K-Pin are built to be portable. They are small, lightweight and fit easily in your pocket or bag.

The fact that you can monitor the battery life in some way also improves the portability because you know if you need to charge it up before a long journey or not.

It even has that handy twist-down drip-tip for hygienic use after carrying it in fluffy pockets.


If you’re a beginner who’s just starting to use vaporizers then the Kanger K-Pin Kit is going to be something for you to consider. Of course, it’s not going to wow any of the long-time users unless you’re looking for a smaller unit to have on the side. Coming from Kangertech, the K-Pin is a well-built unit that produces great clouds with a good flavor, however, there is just one thing that is a massive issue for me.

You can’t change the airflow. As a beginner, a bigger hit might be too much for some and it just baffles me how a kit that is aimed more towards this market wouldn’t have an adjustable airflow. This issue would be a deal-breaker for me personally and I’d probably be more likely to look at an older Kangertech unit like the Kanger Pangu as a starter kit.

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Kanger K-PIN Kit

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Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit – Chinese submarine

For a long time, Kanger did not come to visit us with their new products – everyone is still resting. This time, it’s not at all the case – I suggest you get acquainted with a rather extraordinary AIO set, which has already been presented for a long time. Not ordinary, of course, it can be called only for external, because as soon as manufacturers do not excel, in order to offer the buyer the most original product.

Such was the Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit .
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
Dimensions: 61 x 22 x 15mm
Weight: unknown
Case material: plastic + metal
Power supply: built-in 550 mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2 ml
Resistance of the evaporator: 1.5Ω
Voltage range:3.7V
Mode of operation: the POWER
Supported Resistance: from 1.5Ω
Protection: Low / high resistance, overheating, short-circuit, overcharge / overdischarge
Micro-USB port / charging: no charging current 0.2A
Color: Black
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
– uboat mod
– UBOAT cartridge 2 pcs (one preinstalled)
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
When designing the exterior, or rather the AIO forms, the developers were inspired by the “bow” of the submarines. And they decided to create something like this – a sleek sleek hull takes us into the dark strata of ocean waters, where these “hidden sentries” serve.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
Such a form factor determines a decent ergonomics, and in combination with small dimensions is also a stealth component.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
The shape of the replaceable cartridge of a small capacity is a logical continuation of the streamlined main body. The built-in evaporator is rather mediocre – the only thing for which it is designed to quench the owner’s nicotine hunger.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
It refuels from below, is fixed by a magnetic connector.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
The main body of our submarine has a matte soft-touch coating. Fire buttons are not provided – the device is activated by tightening. The capacity of the built-in battery is small, however, in the light of such dimensions, it is not bad. It is charged using a special cord adapter or docking station, as the developers called it.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
The connector itself is located on the bottom of the device. Just above it you can see the charge level LED indicator.
Kanger UBOAT Starter Kit - Chinese submarine ...
The price of $ 20 is quite a good price tag.

Advantages / disadvantages
+ design
+ ergonomics
+ equipment
+ price

The Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe with an “innovative” atomizer

Joyetech chases Uwell and Ehpro, releasing a brand new pipe system. Moreover, providing it with an atomizer with innovative constructive.

Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit 
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Dimensions: 95 x 26mm (138.5 x 28 mm whale completely)
Weight: 92g (163g whale completely)
Body material: stainless steel
Power supply: 1 x 18650
Output power: 1 – 80W
Operating mode: POWER, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, BYPASS
Temperature range: 200 – 600/100 ℃ – 315 ℃
Supported resistance: 0.05 – 3.5Ω / TC 0.05 – 1.5Ω
Protection:from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from overcharging / overdischarge
Connector type: steel 510, pin gold-plated, spring-loaded
Screen / diagonal: yes, 0.49 ”
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 2A
Update / firmware: yes
Color: see photo below
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Cubis Max atomizer Case 
material: stainless steel Atomizer 
type: maintenance-free / serviced)))
Capacity: 5ml
Diameter: 28mm
Height: 50mm with Drip
Connector type : 510, pin gold-plated
Weight: 71g
Color :see photo below
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
contents – Ultex T80 mod
– Cubis Max atomizer
– replaceable evaporator 2pcs NCFilm cantal (one preinstalled)
– spare glass
– cotton
– screwdriver
– spare screws
– QC USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card

Our hero looks very futuristic and original. Many bumps, all sorts of winding lines. In short, modern and rather youth.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
The color scheme from the start is decent – they’ve already tried.

The complete atomizer doesn’t even know what to call it. It seems to be similar to non-service, but you can serve him. The capacity is decent, but the dimensions are impressive.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
It refuels from above – a cover movable. The blower adjustment ring is also on top – we get a non-spill.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Inside, special evaporator grids are used – perhaps you have seen something similar, but the construction is somewhat different. They are fastened with two screws, cotton wool is placed under them (in a special recess).
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
The developers claim that these “grids” can be cleaned and wiped with a cloth after the loss of taste. Thus, they can be used up to 3 months – tests were carried out with the following parameters – liquid 60vg, 800 puffs per day, 40W.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
However, I didn’t finish it, as these interchangeable evaporators are still being blown …

With the maximum fit of the atoms to the pipe man, the situation is not clear.

The control panel is dispersed throughout the mod.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Fire button large, located on a special vzёm. It seems to have a built-in LED indicator.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Around the middle settled small control buttons. It is noteworthy that they are located in a vertical plane. At the very bottom is a small display.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Access to the battery compartment size 18650 blocks the cover on the thread, it is located at the bottom of the device. Notches for easy twisting provided.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
The charging connector was placed on the reverse side of the device, the charging current is good.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...
Performance is decent, the functionality is quite rich.
Joyetech Ultex T80 with Cubis Max kit is another adjustable pipe module with an innovative atomizer ...

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Joyetech ULTEX T80 80W TC Kit with Cubis Max Atomizer

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DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at vapinginsider.com. We’re back with another kit review. Check it out, man. Eleaf has really been knocking it out in the park lately. They’ve been coming up with some nice devices, some nice kits and let me tell you something. They’ve been up in their build quality game. They really have.

Today, I have the Eleaf Lexicon Kit for you. It’s got that Ello Duro tank on there. Same thing as that Ello Vate, I don’t know, they’re kind of interchangeable, same kind of tank. Really good tank. I’ve reviewed it before and other reviews.

Let’s cut down low. Let me show you the whole mod, the whole kit, the menu system, the whole 9 yards. Then we’ll come back on top. We’re going to talk about it a little bit, cons, pros, we’re out of here. See you down low.


  • 1 Eleaf Lexicon Mod
  • 1 ELLO Duro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.2ohm HW-N Coil Head
  • 1 0.15ohm HW-M Coil Head (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 QC USB Cable
  • 2 User Manuals
  • Spare Parts

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Alright everyone, welcome to the down low portion of this video. Today, we’re going over the Eleaf Lexicon Kit. check it out. Little bit of Social Media on this side, barcode, nothing there, Eleaf there, authenticity check right there. On the back, it lets you know what comes in the kit. You get a Lexicon mod, an Ello Duro atomizer, an HWN .2 ohm coil, HWM .15 ohm coil, a USB cable, 2 user manuals and spare parts. This is a 235 watt mod. Let’s check it out. Let’s see what we got here.

File that to the side, take the box off, mod comes out. Let’s take this tray out for a second and put it to the side. Let’s we what we have underneath here. What we have here is a big box inside a bigger box. What do we have in here? We have a USB cable, we have a bunch of paperwork, we have a warning card. File that to the side. We have a coil card. Pause that if you want to read it. We have an Ello Duro quick start guide and a Lexicon user manual. Also, we have a bag of spare gaskets and spare O rings. That’s all gone to the side.



Let’s take a look at the actual tank. This is the Ello Duro tank. Really like the frost thing and the way they match the drip tip. Nice job on that. This is a top fill slider style tank. No locking mechanism. That’s going to be a con. Nice wide board 810 style drip tip but it’s the 810 drip tip with the O rings on the drip tip itself. Nice and tall, very comfortable. Nice capacity on this ktank. We got dual airflow on the bottom. That’s the bubble glass. It also comes with a straight glass spare that I’ll show you in a minute. Stopper on both sides, plenty of airflow. On the bottom, it says Ello Duro Tank with a gold plated 510 and stainless steel threading around it, Eleaf on the bottom over here.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

In order to change the coil, all you do, open it up, open the base up like that. This is the M coil, the HWM coil, .15 ohms, good from 55-100 watts. It’s a mesh style coil in there. In order to change the coil, you simply twist, pull it ou. Machining is very nice on this. The only thing I don’t like, these rough edges over here. Here is the coil itself. Again, no mention of material on the coil. That’s going to be a con as well.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Here is the spare straight glass right here. That’s also going to be a con. They should have included a spare bubble glass. Why would I want to go from a bubble to a straight? That’s a downgrade in my opinion.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Here is the spare coil. This is the HWN .2 ohm coil, good for 40-80 watts. You can see it’s got a different type of mesh material in there but they’re kind of the same. It’s just a little different in the way they’re configured. The actual mesh is configured but very close.

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Let’s put this tank back together and I’ll show it to you on the actual mod itself. But before we even do that, let’s get into the top side of the mod.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

We have a gold plated spring loaded 510. I would call it a stiff spring with a medium throw. 2 star screws holding the top plate on top here. You have a bunch of LEDs going around the actual mod. I like this little triangular cut out here. I think it gives it a nice shape. Here is your screen right here. It is a fingerprint magnet. Here are your Up and Down button. USB charge update port, it does charge at 2 amps.here is your Fire button. Kind of like a diamond shape. They did a nice job on that. Some Lexicon branding here. A little bit of a brushed look on it but like I said, it is a fingerprint magnet.

In order to get to the batteries, push down, pull out. On the battery door, you can see we have some clear battery indicator markings also labeled 1 and 2. We also have gold plated button style contacts. We take them out a second. If you look down the tube, you’ll see clear battery indicator markings as well. Those gold plated contacts are spring loaded.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Load your batteries in like so. Push the battery door down and push it in. there’s also some venting present over here. Now you’ll see some lights. Has a whole bunch of different lights, button lights up, everything.

Here is your screen right here. 1 2 3, now you can scroll between Wattage mode, Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, M1. M2, M3 and back to Wattage mode. Now, 1 2 3, put it in to Temperature Control mode, you’ll see the screen lay out. Individual battery cells over here, Wattage over here, Puffs, Resistance, Temperature, Mode and what you’re in, celcius or farenheit. Now, if you want to change your Wattage in Temperature Control mode, you click the Fire button 4 times. Now you’ll notice, your wattage is there. You can go up and down from there. Scrolls in 1 watt increments. Let’s go back to Power mode, right there. Now in Wattage mode, it scrolls in 1 watt increments up to 235 watts. It does not round robin.

If you want to enter into the other parts of the menu system, you hit the Plus button and the Fire button together and that will bring you to this menu system. Over here, that’s your Subpara, you can pick whether you want to show Time, Amp or Puffs. You can see I have 996 puffs. Over here, you can pick your preheat and how long you wanted to power on that preheat for.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

This is your Logo screen. I leave it off. This is your Stealth mode, on or off. I leave it off. We did the preheat. Logo, we went over already.

Here’s your screen color mode. You can pick what color you want your lights to be. Here’s the mode for the lights. You can have them either like that in that pattern, in this pattern, or in this signal pattern. This is how long you want your light show to be on. If you want it to be on for 10 minutes always or off. That’s what it says in the manual. This is your version, tell you what version software you have, or firmware. This is your battery, tells you what each individual cell is doing and back to your preheat setting.

Eleaf Lexicon Kit Review

Now, if you want to exit out, we exit out that way. And in order to lock the mod, you hold the Up and Down button together and the keys are locked. Hold it together again and the keys are unlocked.

And that’s basically it, folks. That’s the whole menu system for the Lexicon by Eleaf. Let me put it all together for you. Give you one quick look at it, how it looks like when it’s all put together. It’s actually a good looking set up, I think so at least. There you go. That’s what it looks like with the bubble glass. Nice looking set up. Lights are really really nice. This is one of the few mods that I don’t mind the lights on.

Let’s cut back on top, let’s talk about it a little bit, cons, pros and then we’re out of here. See back on top.


Alright everyone, welcome back on top. You just saw the Eleaf Lexicon Kit up close and personal. Nice kit, man. 235 watts, scrolls in 1 watt increments. Easy menu system. I like the shape. I’m digging that cut out they did on the corner there. Lights, if you like lights, man. Lights galore!

Let’s get into the official cons and pros.


First con is going to be that Plus and Minus button as you saw it down low. They’re really close together. If you got like fat knockers like finger, you can hit them both at the same time very easily. I also think the display is very small in proportion to the size of the actual mod. I wish the screen was bigger. We’re going to give them a con on that.

Another thing I really don’t like about this mod is it has an ‘Always keep the lights on’ option. First of all, that’s a stupid option. It’s ridiculous to keep them on all the time. There’s no reason for it. And the other thing is it could be dangerous because I don’t know if it’s got a cell cut off for that and if it can drain your batteries dangerously low. I wouldn’t recommend that anybody use that option. Eleaf, I would highly recommend you do an update and take that option off the board.

Other con is going to be, there’s no material on the coils. Eleaf, you got to get with the program. You got to start putting your coil material on the coils.

And the other con is going to be, typical Eleaf TC. it kind of sucks with dual coils. It throws you out of TC all the time. It’s ok with a single coil but for some reason, with dual coils it just doesn’t seem to work right. Eleaf, if you’re not going to do TC correctly, then just make Power mode mods. And I say that to any manufacture who doesn’t do TC correctly. If you’re not going to do it properly, then just make it a Power mode mod because it’s frustrating already. This has been going on for years. Fix it.

The last con I’m going to give it is the tank. It doesn’t have a locking option. There’s no lock on that slider. If you’re a real world vaper like me and you’re carrying this thing around all the time, it’s very easy for this thing to slide open in your pocket and dump juice all over you. If you’re going to do a top fill, you got to have some type of locking mechanism. They’re going to get a con for that.

Let’s get on to the pros because there’s quite a few of them.


First pro is going to be, great tank, great flavor, plenty of airflow. I like the way they matched it up with the mod itself with the glass and the drip tip. Great job on that.

I think the coils are fantastic. They’re going to get a pro for that. I like the mesh and the net coil, really nice job.

Love the clear battery indicator markings on the door and the inside of the door. They made them in white. Pro on that.

Love this angled top plate, where they cut the corners off and put some lights in there. I dig it. I like it. Like the form factor, easy to finger fire. Easy to thumb fire. We’ll give them a pro on that.

Build quality, Eleaf’s stepping up their game on the build quality department. I’m going to give them a pro on that.

I’m going to give them a pro that it comes available in great colors, pro for that.

I like the Fire button. It’s fantastic. It’s big, it’s clicky, it’s tactile feeling. Great job on the Fire button, pro on that.

I’ll give them a pro because the TC is ok with the single coil but for some reason, it doesn’t do well with dual coils. But I’ll give them a pro for the TC with the single coil.

Solid battery door, put this thing down, no issues. It doesn’t pop open, pro.

Let’s give them a pro on the easy menu system. This menu system is easy, very intuitive.

I’m also going to give them a pro on the lights. That’s right. You guys know I normally don’t like lights. On this mod, I don’t mind them. They’re not that bad. They are highly configurable. I like that. I can shut them off if I want to. They’re going to get a pro on that.


Overall though, I got to tell you. I really do enjoy this kit. I’ve been using it for quite a few months now, 2 or 3 months now. It’s fantastic.

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Coilart Mage Mech V2.0


Just like in the tech world or specifically, the PC world, RGB LEDs are now the norm on all the components and they are not just a niche or unique design. Some companies are still testing the waters but Eleaf is confident in the latest trend as they released their new Lexicon mod. It has a very futuristic design with intersecting LED lights around the body which is customizable as well. We will see if this mod is just all about style and if it can live to the hype as we break down its performance and capabilities.

Product Pros

  • 235 watts maximum output
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • Large e liquid capacity

Product Cons

  • Body construction is not ergonomic
  • The flashy design might not be for all people


Eleaf Lexicon with ELLO Duro Kit Review: Breakdown

Eleaf Lexicon Review

Build Quality

Looking at the Eleaf Lexicon, all I can say is if we are talking about LED lights, then Eleaf went all out when they designed the Lexicon. The whole body of the Lexicon has this futuristic LED lit lines all around its body that is somewhat emphasizing its geometric shape design.

The Lexicon is on the box-y side as it has these sharp edges on its corners which is unfortunate since we are in the era where vapers like mods that are super ergonomic or easy to hold but if we are just talking about its overall style and design, the Eleaf Lexicon is one gorgeous piece of mod.

Aside from the LED accents on the mod, the hexagon shape power button on the side and the LED screen display on the front is perfectly placed as they are not disrupting the overall flow of style. The up and down buttons and the micro USB port on the lower side of the mod also blend perfectly as if they are naturally a part of the whole design.

The Eleaf Lexicon is available in 6 different color options and you can get it in silver, blue, red, black, purple and rainbow. The Eleaf Lexicon is a very powerful mod as it has a maximum output of 235 watts and is powered by dual 18650 batteries.

It has a dual circuit protection that protects both the software and hardware from over-charging, over-current and over-discharging and features 2A quick charging. The Lexicon kit comes with the Eleaf ELLO Duro tank which is a 25 mm atomizer that uses Eleaf’s new innovative coil heads.

This ELLO Duro comes with a new convex acrylic tube to match the color of the Lexicon and has a large e liquid capacity of 6.5 ml and comes with a straight glass tube that holds 2 ml of e liquid.

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Vapor Quality

The Eleaf Lexicon is capable of firing up to 235 watts and has a resistance range of 0.05 ohm to 3 ohms which means it is fully capable of using any RBA or RDA. The stars of the show though are the coils that come with the kit. The kit comes with 2 new coil heads called the HW-N and the HW-M.

These coil heads are somewhat unique since they have a mesh-like build inside which Eleaf is calling the net and multihole coil systems. The HW-N has a resistance of 0.2 ohm and is rated to use between 40 watts to 90 watts and the HW-M has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and is rated to use between 50 watts to 100 watts.

Even though they have different looks, these coil heads perform the same and both can produce massive clouds and superior flavor due to its wide and even heating mesh-like coils. The ELLO Duro tank also has an adjustable airflow control which is perfect for those who want tight and restrictive lung hit or those who want an airy drag.

Eleaf Lexicon mouth piece detached


The Eleaf Lexicon has a centered 510 plate that is capable of supporting any atomizers up to 26 mm in diameter and add to that that it has a wide resistance range as low as 0.05 ohm, Eleaf made sure that you are not limited to only one atomizer.

The Lexicon also has 2A charging feature that quickly charges your dual 18650 batteries which is very handy in times where you didn’t bring an external battery charger.


As a dual battery mod, the Eleaf Lexicon is on the larger side which is comparable to most dual battery mods on the market. With the Ello Duro installed, it is 132.5 mm in height, 45 mm in width and 31 mm in thickness which is still an acceptable size for a dual battery mod.

The Lexicon is literally a box mod due to its box-y shape and design which can be hard to carry at all times so I suggest you just carefully store it in a bag if you are out and about.

Eleaf Lexicon side view


The Eleaf Lexicon, in my opinion, has the best look in terms of whole body LED style and design. It is still “in your face” flashy but it has a more refined style compared to other LED inspired mods that look like a kid’s toy. Aside from the fresh look, the performance is not lacking as it has all the power and features you need on an advanced mod and with the ELLO Duro’s HW coils, the vaping experience will always be top notch.

Now It’s Available :Eleaf Lexicon 235W with ELLO Duro kit

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Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit | Review

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit Review

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

Eleaf is renowned for making affordable starter kits that perform above their price point. Recently we were impressed with their answer to the pod mod trend with the Iwu pod mod. This time they are taking a more traditional route with the iStick Amnis Kit.

The Amnis is 900mAh direct output device, which comes paired with the GS Drive tank.

On the face if it, it’s a simple device. However, Eleaf has kept on point with current trends and created a mesh coil for an MTL device, which promises a more flavorful vape experience.

Amnis is Latin for ‘stream,’ and right now Eleaf has a great stream of starter kits dominating the market, will this be another?

The Good

Looks great, ergonomic, decent battery life excellent performance and flavor from coils.

The Bad

Direct output, proprietary drip tip, no replaceable glass for GS tank.

The Bottom Line

There are so many excellent choices for starter kits on the market, and the Amnis Kit from Eleaf is right up there as one of the best. It comes down to whether you like the form factor of this style device. One thing you won’t be disappointed with is the performance from the GS coils, especially the M coil. Highly recommended.


  • Size: 24 x 18 x 122mm
  • Battery Capacity: Built-in 900mAh
  • Weight: 63g
  • Max Wattage: 30W
  • E-juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: GS Air M 0.35ohm Head, GS Air 0.75ohm Head
  • Output Mode: Direct Output Mode
  • Resistance range: 0.15-3.0ohm
  • Charging Port: Micro USB
  • Compact design for portable carrying
  • Top slide filling system
  • New GS Air coil head
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Available colors: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, and Blue

In the Box

  • 1 × iStick Amnis
  • 1 × GS Drive Atomizer
  • 1 × GS Air M 0.35ohm Head
  • 1 × GS Air 0.75ohm Head
  • 1 × QC USB Cable
  • 1 × User Manual
  • Spare Parts
Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

The Amnis mod is a super compact pen-style mod that’s curved on one side to fit the shape of the hand ergonomically.

It’s mostly made of plastic with a rubberized coating which leaves a smooth, comfortable finish which is a delight to hold.

The Amnis can only fit an 18mm diameter tank, like the GS Drive that comes with it, but it does sit perfectly flush. The 510 connection is stainless steel with a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin and seems solid.

The fire button is located on the front face, at the top of the device. It’s a decent sized button which curves along with the body shape, and although it is only made of plastic, it feels solid and has a nice tactile response, with zero rattles.

Due to the slim profile and body shape of the Amnis, it’s comfortable in either orientation, and you can trigger the fire button with either your index finger or thumb.

There is a small LED Indicator located towards the bottom of the face of the device, which indicates when the device is being fired and battery status.

The micro USB charge port is located at the base of the device, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it does keep the Amnis looking clutter free.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit


I’m really happy with the design of the Amnis mod. It has an excellent finish and attractive curved body which feels great in the hand.

It’s like a cross between a standard box mod and vape pen with a more contemporary style to it, which I think would appeal to both men and women.

That’s helped by the choice of available colors: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Silver, and Blue.

The one thing I’m not so keen on is with the GS Drive tank attached it looks a little too slim and tall. But maybe that’s just because I’m so used to dual battery mods with 25mm atomizers.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

Build Quality

As far as build quality goes the mod itself is great.

There’s no rattles or creaks. Both the fire button and 510 connection are good, and the overall rubberized finish is excellent.

The GS Drive tank for the most part also has very good build quality, except on the one we have for review the top locking mechanism is a little shaky. I wouldn’t say it’s fragile and you barely notice it while using the atomizer.

Hopefully, it’s not a common thing with all of the GS Drive tanks, because I like what they have done with the fill mechanism (more on this later).

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit


The Amnis stands at 122mm tall, 24mm long and 18mm wide, and only weighs 63g.

It’s incredibly lightweight and exceptionally pocket-friendly, you barely feel like you are carrying it.

However, as I mentioned before it is a little taller than some other mods of this style, so may protrude a little from smaller pockets.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

The Amnis mod is like most starter kits, void of many unnecessary features for its style of users.

It features an internal 900mAh battery and is a direct output device, so there’s no control of wattage, but there’s also very little that can go wrong with it.

However that does mean as the battery charge decreases, so will the output. See the battery life section below for more details.

It’s charged via a micro USB port on the bottom, there’s no mention of a quick charge feature, but being such a small battery, it does charge reasonably quickly.

It also supports pass-through vaping if you just can’t wait for it to charge up.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

The GS Drive tank has a 2ml capacity (inline with TPD regulations), which seems to be more than ample for this type of kit.

The tank features a new top fill method, with a child safety button.

Just press the button and push the top cap in the direction of the arrow and the cap will slide to reveal an adequately sized fill hole.

This is a welcome addition from Eleaf and seems to work well. However, as I mentioned previously, I’m not entirely sold on the quality of the whole mechanism, as ours is a little wobbly.

There is an airflow adjuster on the bottom of the tank. Fully open is far too much air for this style tank (even with the 0.35 Ohm coil), but it can closed down fairly tight.

The GS Drive tank, unfortunately, comes with a proprietary mouthpiece. It actually slots over a raised 510 section on the tank. It’s not a deal breaker for me though, as the mouthpiece feels fine in the mouth and I’m certain that most users of this style starter kit will not be too fussed about using their own drip tips.

Eleaf iStick Amnis KitFocus On www.ave40.com For More Vape Kits.   


The Amnis and GS Drive come with two coils in the kit.

The first is a 0.75ohm GS Air coil which we have seen and used before with the iStick Pico Baby.

It’s a really good performing coil which is suited to high nicotine liquids, it produces good flavor and is not too thirsty with the juice and battery life.

The second coil (and one which comes pre-installed) is Eleaf’s new 0.35 GS Air M coil – the ‘M’ standing for mesh.

Yep, that’s right a mesh coil for an MTL style starter kit.

This diminutive little mesh coil is fantastic, producing amazing flavor and vapor for such a small coil.

The performance is not too bad at sapping juice levels either, although it obviously will go through more than the 0.75ohm coil.

The one thing to note is the draw on the Mesh coil is a lot looser, so if you like a tight mouth to lung vape, it might be a bit overpowered. However, if you like a draw that sits between loose MTL and direct-to-lung, then it’s great.

Coil life ultimately depends on the type of juice used and personal vaping habits. But i’m quite impressed with both of the GS coils having run the M coil through 15ml of juice, and it’s still going strong and performing like new.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

I genuinely wasn’t expecting the Amnis to perform as well as it does – I’ve been overly impressed with it.

It’s ergonomic and easy to use and produces excellent flavor and vape quality for a starter kit.

Fundamentally it comes down to how you vape as to just how good the Amnis will be for you.

I think the 0.35ohm M coils are outstanding, producing some of the best flavor I’ve had from a device of this type. However, that will come at the expense of higher battery and juice drain, and it’s also best suited to a looser draw.

However, the 0.75ohm coils are no slouches either, and I think they are better coils for new vapers. You can get a more traditional MTL experience with them, and they will consume less juice and battery – which ultimately makes it a more attractive package.

Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

Battery Life

Battery life of the Amnis is very good.

The 900mAh was lasting a full day when used with the 0.75ohm coil, and just over half a day with the 0.35ohm coil.

Remember though this is a direct output device, so as the battery level decreases so does the wattage.

The battery level indicators display as follows:

  • Green: 60-100%
  • Orange: 30-59%
  • Blue: 10-29%
  • Red: 0-9%

I found that even though both coils vape well even towards the lower end of the wattage ranges (10-25W). You do notice the drop off in performance when you get below 60%, and it’s even more apparent with the 0.35ohm coil below 30%.

However the Amnis can be fully charged from dead in about an hour, and there’s pass-through vaping.


  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Ease of use
  • Great battery life
  • Perfect MTL Airflow
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Outstanding flavor and vapor from the mesh coil
  • Unique locking top-fill
  • Pass-through charging


  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Non-replaceable glass
  • No fast-charge
  • Direct output (wattage diminishes with battery life)


Eleaf iStick Amnis Kit

Don’t be fooled by the number of dislikes listed above for the iStick Amnis. Most of those are relatively minor things and ones which you’d expect with this style of device.

This is, in fact, an excellent device and one which has taken me by surprise.

The one thing that’s hard to demonstrate in a review is just how good these GS mesh coils are. Not only because they produce fantastic flavor, and have a good lifespan, but because they pair so well with the device.

My initial thoughts were 0.35 or 0.75 Ohm coils on a 900mAh battery, and a 2ml capacity tank is just going to drain juice and battery. However, these coils create quite the opposite experience. I’d go as far as saying they produce some of the best flavors from a starter kit.

3 years ago I managed to convince my 70-year-old father to start vaping. He’s not one for fussy devices, having tried many of my excess starter kits over the years, from a plethora of vape pens to pod systems. But he always stuck to his old faithful iStick Mini and Nautilus tank.

His words on the Amnis Kit ‘it’s a perfect size, hassle-free, the flavor beats anything I’ve tried before, and it’s a smooth draw.’

That tells you exactly what the iStick brand is about. Eleaf has taken what’s trending and working in the market (mesh coils) and managed to apply it to the Amnis in an effective and purposeful way, to produce an excellent starter kit.

While this kit isn’t going to suit everyone, I know one ex-smoker that thinks it’s great….and I’m sure there will be many others to follow.

While Eleaf and the iStick brand are still around, I’m sure there will be many more people finding the perfect device to help them stay off of cigarettes….and that’s what it’s all about.

Now It’s Available :

Eleaf iStick Amnis Starter Kit with GS Drive

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Coilart Mage Mech V2.0

CoilArt Mage RTA V2. First look

We are glad to introduce you to the new version of one of the most popular tanks from the company CoilArt called Mage RTA V2 .

In June 2016, the Chinese company  CoilArt  introduced the Mage RTA tank, which can be said to be a bestseller  . At that time, similar RTAs at 24mm only gained popularity, so the product from  CoilArt  could not go unnoticed in the vaping market. A little later came the GTA-version with some modified moments. And so, a few days ago, the aforementioned company announced the second version of its “Maga”, the official release of which is scheduled for March 30, 2018.

Colors CoilArt Mage RTA V2

Image from coilart.net

The new  Mage RTA V2 has  remained almost the same in terms of design. Of course, the device has acquired some cosmetic changes, but the characteristics of CoilArt products are still clearly guessed in  it . The diameter of the novelty is modern 24mm , and in terms of available colors, we have the so-called  SS, Black Golden, Black Rosegolden.

CoilArt Mage RTA V2 Appearance

Image from coilart.net

Blowing in the tank bottom, top up. There were no special surprises. There is knurling on the tightening adjustment ring, as well as on the filling cap, for more convenient manipulation. Positive screw according to the manufacturer’s tradition is made under a cross-head screwdriver and is gold plated.

Base CoilArt Mage RTA V2

Image from coilart.net

Innovations and innovations meet us already under the dome of the evaporating chamber in the form of an interesting type of baseless base, which, by the way, is also covered with gold plating. Constructive base is not new, something similar we could already see in the recently released  Kylin Mini from Vandy Vape.

Base CoilArt Mage RTA V2

Image from coilart.net

Judging by the abundance of airflow holes, it can be concluded that there will definitely not be any problems with lack of air in  Mage RTA V2  . The screws for fastening the legs of the spirals are neatly hidden in the grooves for laying cotton wool.

Base CoilArt Mage RTA V2

Image from coilart.net

Naturally, the tank is sharpened by the use of two spirals. It is desirable fatter. However, the CoilArt  company  assumes use of their device and in the single-spiral mode. However, in this case, we risk losing in taste, because the excess air in the tank will be a bit too much.

CoilArt Mage RTA V2 Specifications  :

Innokin EQ Pod Mod Review – The Best Pod Mod Yet? By Michelle – August 9, 20181

eq purpleIntroduction: The EQ Pod Mod from Innokin

A new pod mod from Innokin is the Innokin EQ and although this might make you sigh and think “yet another pod mod” – this one is actually quite different!

This is the first pod mod(or one of) to use Mesh coils.

Mesh coils have been a massive game changer making a lot of stock coil sub ohm tanksperform almost as well as rebuildables. The Fireluke Mesh and the Horizon Falcon are real flavour machines.

Innokin introduced mesh coils in the Proton and Scion 2 kit, the coils used on the Scion 2 are called Plexus mesh and they are getting a reputation for being long lasting flavour coils.

So for a pod mod to use a similar style coil is brilliant!

On top of the mesh coil goodness, the pod is refillable and will hold 2ml of e-liquid. The filling is super simple too.

There is a 800mAh battery which is well above the average for pod mods plus you can choose from two outputs – regular mode = 13.5W or boost mode= 15.5W.

eq componentsThere are 5 colours to choose from – Black, Red, Blue, Purple and Silver.

So time to fill up, charge and get vaping!

I was sent 3 of these devices for review – but my opinions remain my own and are based on the device and usage stated below.

What’s In The Box

  • Innokin EQ battery
  • 2ml EQ pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Innokin eq kit contents


Innokin EQ Pod Mod Specs

  • Battery: 800mAh (internal)
  • 2ml refillable pod
  • 0.5ohm Plexus coil
  • Battery life indicator
  • Output: Regular mode = 13.5W, Boost mode = 15.5W

eq kit features

Build Quality & Design

I received 3 of these beauties in the Purple, Blue and Silver colours.eq pod 3 colours

The Purple one became my favourite!innokin eq front view

I was also sent 2 spare pods too – thank you Innokin.innokin eq rear view

On top of the pod is a cover cap which stops crap getting into the mouthpiece.innokin eq pod mod components

Good idea in theory however when you pull the cap off you pull the pod out of the mod!eq pod and cover cap

However otherwise the pod is pretty secure and doesn’t wobble or fall out.eq and pod

Other than the silly cover this is solid.

The body has a rubberised finish with a fire button which also has an LED in the centre. The LED is white in general use but will turn red when the battery level is low.eq top view

The mouthpiece on the pod is lovely and the curved profile fits in the mouth lovely.

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How Does the Innokin EQ Pod Mod Perform?

Basic operation

  • Power on / off – press the fire button 3 times quickly.
  • Change power mode – turn off device and hold fire button until it lights up to the required colour – red=boost and white=standard. Turn device on again. (This is the only way to check what power mode you are in – when the device is on the lights are the same colour in both modes!)
  • Battery level – the LED in the fire button will light up white – but when it turns red the battery level is low so recharge.

How To Charge The Battery

  • Plug the small end of the supplied USB cable into the base of the pod.eq charging
  • Plug the other end of the USB cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED on the fire button will go out when fully charged.

How To Fill The Pod

  • Pull the pod from the battery – it is only held in magnetically.
  • Tip the pod upside down.
  • Rotate the pod base to expose the fill ports.eq pod fill ports
  • Squeeze liquid into the ports whilst observing the level. If using one port only it does equalise between sides if you wait a second or two.eq pod refilling
  • Swivel the pod base back into closed position.
  • Install the pod into the battery – as the contacts on the pod are circular the pod can be installed either way around.eq pod installation

How To Change The Pod

  • New pods have a cap on the base so remove this.eq mesh pod base cap
  • Pull the existing pod from the battery.
  • Fill the new pod as described above.
  • Leave the pod to stand for 5 minutes to allow the coil to prime.
  • Push the pod into the battery.

Flavour & Cloud Production

Well the instructions do not tell you what e-liquid would suit this pod mod best.

The coil is a 0.5ohm mesh coil so in theory might be too low resistance for some higher nicotine e-liquids.eq pods

I tried a few different e-liquids of varying nicotine strength and PG/VG mix. If you want to read more about PG and VG in E-liquid you can read our guide.

First of all I tried a 18mg Nicotine Salt liquid from Salt Nix on the standard power mode. Ouch this was way too harsh and one of my lungs exploded I swear.

So I didn’t use with nic salts again!

Second pod I tried a 50/50 12mg nicotine e-liquid on the standard power setting and this was perfect. Wonderful flavour, perfect throat hit and the vapour you would expect from a MTL high nic vape.

Changing to the Boost power setting and this is so much hotter but not unbearable. I do prefer the standard power mode and this will help save battery life too!

Out of curiosity I also tried a 70%VG E-liquid – IVG Bubblegum Millions to see how this would cope.

Oh yes, it coped perfectly fine with 70VG e-liquid and again a wonderful flavour too. Not as much vapour as you would expect with high VG but this is a low power MTL device.

This is primarily a Mouth To Lung (MTL) device. However with the high VG I was able to manage a very restricted DTL vape but there wasn’t much vapour – but you can’t expect that from 13.5W! If you want help to understand the terms MTL and DTL read our handy guide to Vaping Styles.

It might be low power but doesn’t lack flavour or warmth even in the regular mode. I have rated the Vapour output as 9 as this is what you would expect for this power device.

Battery Life

There are two power output settings on this. As I didn’t find the Boost Mode to be of much benefit I used this mainly in the Regular mode – which outputs 13.5W.

With regular vaping on regular mode I got 4.5 hours of battery life. Bearing in mind that is me sat at a desk with 3-4 vapes every 10-15mins.


  • Solid reliable little pod mod
  • Very cute and lovely feeling to the rubber coating
  • Lovely taste and warm vape
  • Brilliant coil life – so far 2 weeks.
  • Easy to use and fill.
  • Lightweight and pocket friendly
  • Excellent battery life
  • Ability to use different types of e-liquid.
  • No leaks


  • The pod pulls out of the battery when you remove the protective cap.
  • Battery indicator only tells you when battery is close to dying.
  • Didn’t really need to use the Boost power mode.
  • Instructions give no indication of what e-liquid is best for this. I found Nic Salts too harsh.
  • It would be nice if you could just change the coil without having to bin the whole pod.
  • Perhaps some brighter or girly colours – Pink, Turquoise and pastel shades would increase the appeal (subjective).
  • No indication of which power mode you are in unless you turn device off and press and hold fire. Not a big deal but would be nice to know without having to do this.

Final Review Verdict

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Innokin EQ pod mod. I would be in floods of tears if it broke or I lost it. Yep I am an emotional female but this is so practical and performs so well I couldn’t be without it.

If you want something for out and about with a battery capacity which will be sensible and a vape you really enjoy you can’t go wrong with the EQ. Also this is perfect for someone just starting vaping and wants something clean and simple.

Add to that you can use high nic or higher VG liquid in this then then versatility is even better. Innokin do say that 80%VG might be too thick for this pod so I didn’t try it.

Apart from the silly cover cap and the battery indicator this is perfect. I would buy another tomorrow. In fact I will be ordering some more pods too when they are for sale! So far my first pod with the 50/50 12mg liquid is still going strong after 2 weeks!

Innokin Endura T20-S Review (With Endura Prism T20S Tank)

The Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit – Does It Live Up To The Endura Name?

The Innokin Endura T20-S is marketed on the Innokin website as being “great for vapers, great for smokers”.

Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit ColoursBeing designed for MTL vapers and focusing on flavour and throat hit this should appeal to smokers and ex-smokers primarily. A lot of long term vapers also use the MTL method and creating house fog isn’t really for them – flavour and throat hit are a priority.

Innokin have a range of vape pen devices with the Endura name. There is the Endura T18 and the Endura T20. Do not get confused as the T20-S is very different from the T20 and does not use the same coils.

The Endura T20-S comprises of a 1500mah battery unit with a Prism T20-S tank. The tank is a top fill.

Previous Endura tanks have been praised for their great flavour production – I know people who use the T18 regularly.

The Endura Prism T20S tank is also available as a separate item for use on other batteries or vape mods.

Endura T20-S ComponentsThe starter kit is priced at between £24 and £30 which is a great price for a starter kit.

What’s In The Box

The Innokin Endura T20-S starter Kit includes everything apart from E-liquid to get you up and running. Plus some spares to help you maintain it.

I have noticed the newer retail kits also include a 1.5 ohm coil – my kit didn’t have this.

  • Endura T20-S battery
  • Prism T20S Tank (0.8ohm)
  • Spare Prism S Coil – Kanthal 0.8ohm (16 – 18W)
  • Spare Drip Tip
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card
  • Spare parts (O-ring seals)

Endura T20S starter kit contents


  • Battery Capacity: REAL1500mAH (Supplied battery) 2000mAH (Optional battery)
  • Maximum Output Wattage:18W
  • Clearomiser Tank Minimum Coil Resistance: 0.6 Ohm
  • Maximum Output Current:6A
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 3.85V
  • Charging: Micro USB DC 5V/0.5A
  • Colour: Black, Stainless Steel, Blue, Red, Purple, Grey
  • Height: 132mm
  • Top fill
  • Vape whilst charging capability (pass through)
  • Detachable structure, easy to clean
  • Safety features (I cant find out what these are though! Very vague!)

Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit Features

Build Quality & Design

I received the black T20-S for review – but I also was supplied with the 2000 mAh battery in grey.

Endura T20-S ComponentsThe kit contents are wonderful spare drip tip, spare coil and O-rings. I like this a lot.

With the finish on the black battery being a shiny metal finish – trying to get a decent photo wasn’t easy! The finish on the grey battery is much nicer – a metallic grey paint finish.

Endura T20-S battery size 2000

Now from a really shallow perspective this isn’t the prettiest device I have used. The Endura T18 is a beauty and the Joyetech Exceed D19 is stunning. This, for me, isn’t.

The tank reminds me of the top of a lighthouse and it’s a bit “meh” design wise. Perhaps in the other colours this will look better. I know for most of us the performance is more important, but some people will buy something that is cute. I am a bit like that – but it needs to be cute with good reviews too.

T20S 1500 mAh battery sizeThe Tank:

Prism T20S tank

The tank has a standard 510 connection on the base so could be used on many other devices.

The top cap and mouthpiece unscrew easily and the tank is extremely easy to dismantle if you want to wash it out or change the glass.

I used the bulgy type drip tip the most – a straight one is also supplied. I didn’t think I would like the bulgy one but I love it!

The Battery:

The LED displays the battery charge by using a colour code.

  • Red = low charge
  • Yellow = half charge
  • Green = fully charged

The starter kit battery is 1500mAh however Innokin do produce a 2000mAh battery which can also be used. I have one of each battery – the black battery is the 1500mAh and the grey is the 2000mAh.

Simple battery charging- connect the small end of the supplied USB cable to the side of the battery and the larger end to a USB outlet port. The light on the button goes out when it is fully charged.

Endura T20-S Charging

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In The Hand

This is a great size; everything is comfortably placed to fit well into your hand. It has a good balanced feeling too – some devices are very light at the top and the battery is very heavy, which makes them unbalanced and you have to grip them harder – as you usually only hold them where you press the fire button.

This is perfect doesn’t want to fall out of an open palm.

It’s slightly big to be classed as a stealth device, but it is a good size for pockets or handbags – so for out and about use it’s a winner.

I did find myself accidentally blocking the air intake holes a few times – so you will need to adjust your grip if it feels difficult to inhale from.

The lower capacity battery is a bit shorter in length. Both batteries have the same diameter and functions.

T20-S 2000mAh Battery in handEndura T20S 1500 battery in hand

How Does the Innokin Endura T20-S Starter Kit Perform?

The instructions are a bit lacking – there is a very thick instruction book – with one page for each language just giving safety warnings.

There is a card – see below – showing the main functions and procedures. But I am finding the info a bit sparse. I know what I am doing but some people may be picking up an E-cig for the first time and will need more info on best e-liquid type, how it works etc.

T20-S Instructions

There is no airflow adjustment on this, it would help as it’s a pretty airy MTL vape. Some smokers might prefer to have a slightly tighter draw to mimic a cigarette.

Basic operation

3 clicks of the fire button to turn this on and off. The light will flash red, orange and green to confirm it has been switched on and will flash twice when turning off.

Really simple operation, press the fire button to vape – no other settings or adjustments to contend with.

I did find however I kept pressing 5 times to turn on and off as this is the norm for most E-cigs!

How To Fill The Prism T20-S Tank

This is a top fill tank which I prefer. I did find there is little to grip to unscrew the top cap – you often end up removing the mouthpiece instead.

Endura T20-S Filling

  • Unscrew the top cap (not the mouthpiece which I did accidentally a few times!) Grip the top cap part of the tank to unscrew.
  • Pour or drip liquid into the space around the centre hole. Do not put liquid into the centre hole.
  • I found you can top it up to just below the top of the tank.
  • Screw the top cap back on.

How To Change The Prism S Coil Head

If you get horrible burnt taste or poor output this usually indicates the coil head requires replacing. Also check the tank liquid level as often an empty tank will cause the same problem.

To change the coil you will need to empty the tank – so either decant the liquid into a suitable container or pour onto a tissue and discard.

Prism T20S tank components

  • Remove the drip tip by pulling it out from the top of the tank.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the tank.
  • The coil simply pushes into the tank – make sure to align the cut outs and push the coil firmly into place. An old coil is removed by simply pulling it out from the tank.

T20s Coil Installation

  • Screw the bottom tank cap onto the tank.
  • Replace the drip tip.
  • Fill the tank to the correct level.
  • Leave the tank for 5-10 minutes for the liquid to soak into the coil. Also before using take a couple of inhales on the mouthpiece without activating the fire button.

Prism T20S Coil InstalledTips

A tip I found with my friends T18 tank, is to always make sure the drip tip is fully pushed into the top cap. The bottom of the drip tip makes a seal with the centre of the coil. If the tip isn’t fully pushed in this can cause liquid to enter the centre of the coil which can result in spitting and leaks from the bottom pin of the tank.

Another tip is to remove the drip tip when installing a coil – this makes sure that the coil is fully inserted into the tank when you secure it.

Flavour & Cloud Production

I used an 80% VG 6mg nicotine E- liquid (I have added additional nicotine to make this 12mg nicotine strength.) As the 0.8Ohm is a sub ohm coil these generally need lower nicotine levels and can handle higher VG liquid. But these particular coils require less wattage running to them to perform so a 6mg/12mg nic strength isn’t too harsh.

As I am trying hard to keep off the ciggies I have added extra nicotine to help.

I have also tried the tank on another mod on its own to see how the tank performs.

0.8 ohm Prism S Coil

Prism T20S coil

I’m finding the taste from this in particular extremely impressive. Like its predecessor the prism tanks have always been well regarded for their taste and this is still the same for the T20S. Really superior taste to other tanks I have used.

With high VG liquid you should get more vapour production. This is an ok vapour – not massive clouds which I have got from the same liquid in lower resistance coils – but still good enough.

This is a definite MTL coil, quite restricted airflow – but it could do with a slightly tighter draw to satisfy a smoker.

But this is a cracking vape it really is very impressive. A wonderful throat hit.

The coil heads are available in packs of 5 for a reasonable price.

Later models of the tank and starter kit have a 1.5ohm coil included – this wasn’t in my kit so was unable to review this.

The Prism T20-S Tank Performance

My friend owns just the T18 tank on its own and uses it on a mod. So for those who want to just buy the tank on its own – I put this tank on my Eleaf Pico to test its performance.

The coil has the optimum power range stamped onto it of 16-18W.

So setting my Pico to 17W it performed exactly the same as when used on the supplied battery. Great taste, reasonable vapour – this tank is great.

This tank is also installed on the Innokin EZ Watt starter kit.

Battery Life

I had a 1500mAh battery supplied with the kit and an extra 2000mAh battery supplied.

T20S batteries

1500 mAh Battery (Supplied in starter kit)

Well so far after around 4-5 hours of me using this there is no drop in performance and the battery indicator light is still green – which means it is still above half charge.

After 6 hours of only using this device and no ciggies it has just gone down to half charge (orange light) – which is excellent really for a higher powered coil.

So the life on the 1500 mAh battery would get you through a day at work say 8 hours.

2000 mAh Battery (Available separately)

I haven’t got this battery to run out yet – at 7.5 hours the light is still showing green (above half charge) so I hope that gives you an idea of the battery life.

What I Like

Well the vaping experience on this for me as an MTL vaper who still is smoking is just incredible.

In the 5 hours since I got this up and running, I haven’t smoked a single cigarette – the flavour and throat hit are perfect. Oh and the battery is still showing above half charge in this time!

What I Dislike

The instructions are poor really. I think this area would need to be improved upon to help first time vapers get to grips with this.

The tank top cap is difficult to grip and unscrew as there is little to grip onto. You have to remove this every time you want to refill so it does get a bit annoying. I found myself having to use my sleeves over my hands to unscrew this.

Final Review Verdict

I think as a starter or intermediate kit is where this excels. A smoker would find this very satisfying and it totally performs in the same tradition as its predecessors the T18 and T20 – being a great starter kit to advise someone to buy.

It isn’t a high tech device or a cloud kicker, but a lot of people really don’t want that. They want a satisfying vape which keeps them off the ciggies. As I know people who rely on the previous models of Endura to keep off smoking – this does exactly the same job.

This probably wouldn’t be suitable for vapers using more advanced equipment or DTL vaper – but I do think they would be surprised at the amount of taste you get from a very simple tank with stock coils. A perfect back up.


The Aspire PockeX Full Review

PockeX in silverThe PockeX is one of the latest products from Aspire and it aims to be one of the best e cigarettes on the market, but does it deliver? The device caters to those who prefer mouth to lung devices. If you are unaware of the difference, a mouth to lung devices is utilized the same way a smoker would smoke a cigarette. You first pull the vapor into your mouth, and then you inhale. The other alternative method is direct lung vaping, which sucks the vapor straight into your lungs from the device.


PockeX Specifications

The pockex broken downDesigned on the back of their already successful Aspire AIO model the PockeX vape pen is 19.7mm in diameter, and 117 mm in length, which puts it slightly shorter than an iPhone 5s. This small size allows it to be very light and is perfect for traveling with it in your pocket or bag, as well as those who like to stealth vape.

It has a top fill design, which has a 100% leak proof guarantee by Aspire, as well as a non-adjustable airflow. When changing the coils, there is no need to drain your e-liquid first, as they simply screw into the top cap. This is quite an innovative design, as the majority of vape pens that are of this style will have the coils submerged in the liquid, in the tank.

Unfortunately for heavy vapers, the tank can only store 2 ml of liquid. This is completely understandable, though, as the whole point of this design is for it to be light and small. Refilling is a very easy task, so this shouldn’t present too much of a problem, even for heavy users.

The battery capacity is 1500mah, which in layman’s terms, translates into approximately two days of average use or a day of heavy use!

Design and Quality

Although simple, the aesthetics of this device are great and come with a few different color options. It’s available in matte black, rose gold, Pantone white, and stainless steel, so there’s enough variance in color to choose one that suits your taste.

The Aspire PockeX in its box

The body is made from stainless steel, which gives it a durable and rugged feel. The sheath cutouts have slightly rounded edges, which, although is a minor touch, helps to improve the overall look of the device.

The slimline black Delrin drip tip looks great, regardless of the body color that has been chosen. It’s also the same size as a regular cigarette, which can be useful for those that are transitioning from tobacco smoking, as it will help to make it feel the same, although there are better e cigs for quitting smoking.

Focus On www.urvapin.com For Best Vape Tanks.

Usability and Safety

The size of the PockeX in a handAs with all vape pens that have come out recently, there are a couple of safety features to help reduce accidental operation. Pressing the fire button five times in succession will turn on the device. To turn it off, you just click another five times. The LEDs will flash blue if the device has just turned on, or pink if it has just turned off. Because of this, you will always have visual confirmation on the state of your device.

The Aspir Pockex in all colorsIt’s also possible to find out roughly how much battery power you have left, too. When you press the fire button, if the LEDs go blue that means that you have at least 30% battery life remaining. If they go pink, however, it means that there is less than 30%, and it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about when you can charge it up. As with all types of batteries, it’s a good idea never to let the battery completely die, as it can reduce its charging capabilities over time.

The PockeX is charged from the base of the device via a small power cable that is supplied with the unit, which means that it is possible to still vape while it is charging. This isn’t recommended though.

Another fantastic safety protocol that this device uses is the automatic stop firing feature. If the fire button has been depressed for over 10 seconds, the device will automatically shut off. While this isn’t necessarily very beneficial for vaping, it’s a crucial feature for when your pen is in your pocket or bag. This will stop any chance of dry burning, which will not only ruin your vape pen but can also be a potential fire risk.

While you should never leave any device unattended while it is charging, the PockeX will automatically cut out when it deems that its battery has been fully charged.

With all of these features in mind, it seems that Aspire has gone out of their way to make sure that the PockeX is as safe as it can be, especially due to its travel-friendly design.


Vape Performance

Fill line on the PockeXAttaching the coilAs we have already spoken about previously, filling up this device couldn’t be easier. Unscrew the top cap and pour in your e-liquid into the 2ml tank, making sure to not go over the max fill line.

Coils and tanks by Aspire have a good reputation for producing an excellent taste profile, as well as providing a strong throat hit. The PockeX should produce as much vapor as a regular cigarette would produce smoke, which is certainly adequate for a standard mouth to lung vape device. Any more than this would be a waste, and would probably produce too much vapor too quickly.

Due to the battery’s size, Aspire states that you should only use 0.6-ohm coils with this vape pen.  Using anything higher, like a 1.8-ohm coil, would likely result in the coil being burnt, or the whole device getting too hot.

Pros and Cons


  • Low price, despite its high quality
  • Great vapor taste
  • Lots of safety features
  • Very easy to use
  • Top fill
  • Easy coil swapping
  • Battery lasts two days of considerable usage



  • Fire button has been known to be a little loose and can rattle
  • Small tank


Final Thoughts

For what it is, this vape pen is perfect for those who need something small and lightweight for travel purposes, or for people who are simply trying to get into the vape scene and want an affordable product. There’s nothing complicated about it, you simply fill the tank up with your liquid, and you are ready to go.

Is it one of the best vape pens we’ve tested? Well no, but Aspire do produce quality products and the PockeX will certainly keep the beginner and intermediate vapers happy!

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