How to Select the Best Toilet Seat


Toilet seats look so similar so you are probably wondering why there should be any problems in choosing one. But the similarity of different brands itself poses a big problem and, ultimately, it becomes difficult to select the best toilet seat cover. It has to match the bathroom decor and must fit within your budget as well. So let’s see if we can make it easy for you to choose one.

Buying guide for the best toilet seat

Type of alignment – The first factor that you have to take into consideration is the size of the pan. The best toilet seat for your bathroom will be the one that aligns the best with the dimensions of the pan. Most toilets are oval, round or square in shape. So the seat has to match the shape as well or it will look awry and spoil the aesthetics of the bathroom. Also, see if you can get a design that is called “wrap around”. This means that the toilet seat’s lip with fit downwards over the frame of the pan to give a smooth look and more comfort.

Type of hinges – The alignment of the hinges is another factor that will determine whether a particular piece is the best toilet seat for your pan. There are two types of hinges available – the top fixing ones and the bottom fixing ones. If the shape of your pan does not give access to the bottom of the pan, then the top fitting hinges are used like with wall-fixed toilets or one-piece toilet pans. The latest trend is to use another variety of hinges that can be removed for cleaning the toilet thoroughly. So you have to check what type of hinges are most suited for both the pan as well as the seat before making a choice of the best toilet seat.

Type of material – The latest line of antibacterial finishes makes the best toilet seat for commercial as well as home use. They provide more hygiene and give the toilet a more aligned and cohesive appearance.

Style – If a classic and vintage look is what you are looking for, then the best toilet seat would be a wooden one. It is a style statement in bathroom fittings. The seats come in traditional and luxurious wood finishes like mahogany, teak, etc. that define fine living and give the bathroom a sense of antiquity. Plastic and acrylic toilet seats are more functional and easier to clean. They can be washed with detergents and disinfectants but wooden ones are more difficult to clean.

Kids – For kids, the best toilet seat would be the one that can be placed when required over the bigger toilet seat. This eliminates the need for separate potties for kids and helps to potty-train them in the bathroom itself.

In conclusion, the best toilet seat will be the one that aligns well with the shape of your toilet pan, is easy to clean, and is comfortable.

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