Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Review

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA

Another ‘bought with my own money’ review and build advice tips.

One Line Review

The best single coil RTA I have tried to date, easy to build and great flavour, highly recommended – 8.5/10 rating!

 Oumier Wasp Nano RTA

In the box

The usual RTA contents and nothing noteworthy, but includes everything you need to get started.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA colours

  • Wasp Nano RTA 2ml.
  • Spare Glass.
  • Tri Tool.
  • Organic Cotton (enough for a few builds).
  • User Manual.
  • 1 x Clapton Coil (not specified but guessing it’s Ni80.
  • Spare Screws and O-Rings.

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Building and wicking.

The RTA strips down simply by unscrewing everything, all feels good quality and not too many parts.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA break down

Using the provided coil and cotton it’s very easy to build and wick, wicking is very forgiving also.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA wicking


There are 2 screws that hold the coil in recesses that guide it’s position, using a coil rod (3mm dia) position it central with the legs at the bottom, nip up the screws and tweak the position as photographed, tighten up the screws and tweak again if required, then cut the excess legs as close as possible to avoid catching the chimney section, no need to space the coil, dry burn around 20 watts and strum out any hotspots.

The coil came out around 1.7 to 1.8 Ohms


Using the provided cotton, peel a strip suitable for 3mm diameter and pre roll it, squeeze roll the end and pull it through the coil (not too tight – not too loose), there are 2 wick notches, legs should just touch the base, trim to length then it’s best to prime by pulsing while dripping juice onto the coil until the legs are saturated, then position them into the channels so they won’t snag on the chimney, that’s pretty much it, assemble, fill and it’s ready to vape.

Filling the tank:

There are 2 ways to fill this RTA, the intended 2ml top fill method and the hidden gem bottom fill hack, detailed below.

Top fill by unscrewing the top cap/drip tip and pour liquid into the 2 generous sized ports, replace cap.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA filling

Now for the MAGIC!

Bottom Fill Hack:

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA filling trick

RTA filled by the normal way, 2ml capacity.

  1. Turn it upside down and you will see your 2ml juice vanish into the hollow top cap!
  2. Unscrew the build deck making sure you don’t remove or loosen the glass.
  3. Fill with juice between the glass and chimney section, up to the edge of the chimney, fill it too much it will just pour down the drip tip.
  4. That’s it, sounds a faff but it really isn’t, you don’t need to do step 1, it just illustrates where the juice goes, simply bottom fill from empty, this is a great little hack and very handy for out and about having a larger capacity.

To increase juice capacity even further, a bubble glass is available separately which adds another 1.5ml (ish) so even better.

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First Impressions

With its little brother, the Wasp RDA I was expecting a similar vape, as much as I liked the RDA it was prone to spitting like a camel, fortunately the RTA doesn’t suffer from this problem, though it shares its top profile I think they should have called it something else, people who didn’t get on with the Wasp RDA might be put off by its name which is a shame as it’s in another class.

Available colours:

  • Silver / Clear
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Rainbow (crazy mix of colours reminds me of a 90’s rave)

I originally bought the Silver / Clear version which I much prefer to the Gold and it’s easier to partner up with a variety of mods, it is visually basic yet stylish, little touches really add to its appeal, even the eyes on the Wasp etching are darkened, same on the base, the airflow ring has an embossed pattern and is nice and easy to adjust, at first I was a little miffed you couldn’t put a drip tip on but now I understand why it’s a huge pro instead of a con.

Building and wicking is simple and forgiving, a shame they don’t list the supplied coil material but I will likely be using SS316L in it so I can use Temp Control.

In the current era of Mesh stock coils and Squonk RDA’s I’ve lost interest in RTA’s but the flavour and smooth vape you get from this tank is absolutely top draw, it can never be as good as something like a stock mesh coil in the Freemax Mesh Pro for example but it’s a really nice vape in its own right, a decent low powered DTL draw and smooth flavour impressed me a lot.

The vape you get from it is superb, the only spit back I get is when I re-wick for the first few hits then it settles down nicely, the juice flow keeps up nicely when chain vaping, you can see its bubbles rising with each draw instantly, I’m not into clouds but for those who like their clouds this produces plenty of vapour.

Compared To:

Steamcrave Titan 28ml……..

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA size comparison

Only kidding, I couldn’t resist :p

Compared to: Geek Vape Zeus RTA.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA size comparison 2

The only single DTL RTA I’ve highly rated and still use, is the closest I can compare to, though the Wasp does punch above its weight with some dual coil RTA’s I own.

The Zeus is a superb RTA and in theory should be better than the Wasp, it’s top airflow and larger diameter build deck delivered what I thought was the best flavour from a single coil atty, but the Wasp out performs it, the lower profile is a factor as the vapour has less distance from the coil, the top airflow on the Zeus made it near leak proof yet the Wasp hasn’t leaked at all in the month I have been using it, the Zeus has a wide bore drip tip that can be changed whereas the Wasp is fixed (reasons for that as above), also the Zeus is far more fiddly to strip down and build on.

Bottom line is the Wasp Nano RTA wins in the most important areas: Flavour, Capacity, Ease of build and looks better in my opinion.

I have plenty of other single coil RTA’s but they are MTL (Mouth To Lung) so not worth comparing them, though the Nano can be used as an MTL atty it’s best used as a DTL (Direct To Lung) tank.


  • Size: 23mm x 35mm
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Coil: Single Coil
  • Drip Tip: 510
  • 23mm diameter with 2ml capacity
  • Deck for easy single coil building
  • Unique adjustable bottom airflow system
  • Top refill design & PCTG drip tip



Having read back through my review it’s clear to see I cannot fault this superb RTA, I think Oumier should have come up with a new name as it’s a totally different vape to the original Wasp RDA.

Oumier have some great attys and often innovative, they really do their research and this release is one of their best, its simplistic contemporary design is visually pleasing and doesn’t look out of place on most mods I have used it on, though the 23mm diameter is a little odd so it slightly overhangs on 22mm mods.

Oumier Wasp Nano RTA on mod

Its main strength for me is its performance and flavour delivery at the lower power range, with the included coil I’m vaping it at 33.3 Watts (yeah OCD!) so it’s a win win, battery lasts longer, juice lasts longer and with its increased capacity it’s a great choice to last the day out and about.

The Wasp Nano RTA has got me back into RTA’s, though it can never compete with the current generation of stock mesh coils it still provides a different enough vape experience to belong in my daily vape collection.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to build and wick.
  • Ingenious capacity hack (it can’t be an accident Oumier hollowed out the top cap).
  • Contemporary design.
  • Smooth airflow.
  • Excellent flavour delivery.
  • Compact size.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Coil & Cotton included.
  • Spares


  • Fixed drip tip (a con and a pro – see above)
  • No coil spec provided.
  • 23mm diameter overhangs on 22mm

Final thoughts and rating:

I thought the days of traditional RTA’s were over for me since I favoured Squonking RDA’s and latest tech Mesh Style stock coil tanks, this little Wasp has won me back into using an RTA on a regular basis, don’t expect it to beat Mesh for flavour but it’s close to RDA’s and a different enough vape to add to your collection if you fancy a change, I highly recommend this RTA.

View the product here:  https://www.ave40.com/oumier-wasp-nano-mtl-rta.html

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Geekvape Aegis Squonk Mod Review

The Aegis Squonk is one of the latest mods from popular vape manufacturer Geekvape. It is a single-18650 rugged squonk mod rated for 100 watts, and it is powered by Geekvape’s AS-100 chipset. And same as the rest of the Aegis line, the Squonk comes with an IP67 certification for dust and water-resistance.

Geekvape has a proven track record in mod manufacturing. The Aegis series includes some of the most reliable and rugged mods on the market, and the Nova was one of the best mods of 2018. The company has quietly become one of the top mod makers in vaping, so let’s see if the Aegis Squonk can live up to the standards set by previous Geekvape mods.

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First impressions

My first thought on the Aegis Squonk was that it stays loyal to the design of the series. I’ve used and reviewed the entire Aegis line and have always been a fan of their design. Outside of the fact that there is a squonk bottle in place of the usual leather cover, not much seems to have changed. I also like the screen size which is large, bright and the same we’ve previously seen on the Aegis Solo. Overall, if you’ve ever used an Aegis mod before you’ll know what to expect here.

From a size perspective, the Aegis Squonk feels just right—not too big nor too small. And while the Aegis mods are known for being quite heavy, the Squonk is surprisingly lightweight. One more thing I’d like to point out: I received just the mod for review, but it does also come in a kit version with their Tengu RDA. I’ve reviewed the Tengu RDA in the past and while it’s a good RDA, it’s not a suitable one for the kit. They should have included a single coil RDA instead.

Build quality and design

The Aegis Squonk is a nicely built and designed mod. It has the same tactical looks as the rest of the line and feels great in the hand. It features a front facing 0.96-inch rectangular black and white screen which is very clear and bright. You can also remove the bottle and back part and use it as a single battery mod, but it looks awkward without the back panel in my opinion.

I have the chameleon one, which looks pretty sleek and clean. Like all Aegis mods, the body of the mod is mostly black and has a thick rubber coating on most of it. The color option itself is only an accent panel around the side of the mod and the back where the bottle is. The panel for the chameleon one has a nice sparkle clear coat and the color itself is like “candy paint”. It changes from a hunter green to a purple color depending on how the light is hitting it. Really nice job there.

The mod features the same threaded battery cap as the Aegis and Aegis Solo. The cap is metal, and the threading is smooth. There is also a latch you can flip down and use for grip. It’s not my favorite style, but considering the IP67 certification, I can understand why they went with it. They also include a metal bar to make removing the cap easier.

There is no button rattle on this mod at all. The 510 pin is great but not centered due to the squonk bottle being removable. The diameter of the 510 assembly is 25 mm and there is still room left on both sides. I wouldn’t imagine using anything bigger on a single 18650 mod.

The USB port is stealthily hidden under a rubber plug at the side of the mod. They list 1.5-amp charging rate and, while I don’t recommend charging mods internally, I did test it just for informational purposes. I found the max charge rate to be 1.93 amps so a 2-amp rating would have been completely fair.

Features and functions

The Geekvape Aegis Squonk is packed with features and modes, just like most of their mods. You have Power mode (watts), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and TCR), Watt Curve mode (VPC), and Bypass mode. It uses a standard TCR as well, which is fully adjustable in TCR mode but not adjustable in the presets. Overall, the mod has pretty much every mode a vaper would need without being overbearing.

Using the Geekvape Aegis Squonker

As far as the menu goes, it’s the typical Geekvape menu system. Here is a quick rundown.

  • Five clicks of the fire button to turn on and off.
  • Three clicks of the fire button to enter the menu mode.
  • Use up and down to scroll the mode and fire to accept.
  • Use up and down to adjust settings in the sub menu of each mode.
  • Hold fire to accept the mode and its settings.
  • Fire + up or down adjusts the screen brightness
  • Up + down to lock adjustment buttons but the mod can still be fired

Overall, very simple and easy to navigate—especially if you’ve used other Geekvape mods in the past.

Power mode performance

The Aegis Squonk features the Geekvape AS-100 chip. It’s the same chip used in the Aegis Solo and essentially a newer, higher power version of the AS chip used in the Aegis Mini. I do wish they would have limited it to 80 watts though, since both the Solo and the Squonk only take a single 18650 battery.

Testing on this mod was done with fully charged Sony VTC5A Batteries. They list the specs at 100 watts, 8 volts (the chip itself goes up to 8.2 volts on the screen) but don’t list an amp limit. I wish they listed all three.

The max wattage I got in my testing was 111, so their 100-watt rating is great. The amp limit I got was 34, which is above average for a single 18650 battery mod these days (the average is around 25-30). The volt limit I got with a 0.62-ohm coil was 8.31 volts, which is above their listed spec and shows that it does have a boost circuit (which is important to have for a single 18650 mod), and more than enough volts for anyone. The mod adjusts in 0.1-watt increments, but you can also hold the button to scroll quickly by one watt.

During my testing, the mod did a great job of not getting hot. It never struggled and was usually pretty accurate to about 10% high, so I’d suggest starting a few watts lower than you normally would. It’s pretty common for mods these days to hit a little high, so no big deal. You can see the full test results in the chart above.

Temperature control performance

Using SS316L wire in SS mode, I tested 4 builds.

One simple round single-coil build
One simple round dual-coil build
One fancy wire single-coil build
One SS316 mesh build

The Aegis Squonk has the full 100-watt limit available in temperature control. I was able to get a warm vape around the 430-440 F range, so it hits a little high (around 10-20 degrees). You can adjust for taste with plenty of wiggle room. It also throttles smoothly and has good dry hit protection. I get a consistent vape each time and the power lets you adjust the ramp up.

Technically, the TCR should be 92 for SS316 wire (88-92) but as with the other Geekvape mods, the default for SS mode is 105 (which is the TCR for SS304 wire). Still, the fact you can just use the default SS mode for the most common SS wire used in vaping without adjustment is a good thing, regardless of the TCR figure. Overall, it’s a very good performer in TC mode, which comes as no surprise considering Geekvape’s recent track record.

Squonk system

Let’s go over the squonk system itself now. I’ll start with how it works—and it works really well. The bottle has a nice firmness to it, but it still is soft enough. Just how you want a squonk bottle to be. You can easily see your juice level since most of the bottle is exposed on the back. It doesn’t need much pressure and it squonks down to the last drop. I really like the bottles, but note that they are proprietary, and you won’t be able to carry full spare bottles with you either because they have no cap.

The squonk 510 positive pin on the mod is unique. It is not hollow and there is a Phillips head shape channel carved into it. The liquid comes from around the sides of the pin and fills up its channels. It then enters the atomizer through the middle part of the pin. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. The squonk system is also completely cut off from the rest of the mod so you’ll never have an issue with an internal leak. Really smart design.

Now let’s talk about the not so good parts of the squonk system. There is a sliding cover on the top that exposes a fill hole with a rubber gasket. So, you can fill from the top like the Topside which is great. But you’ll need to use a thin nozzle bottle to pierce the gasket—you can’t just pour in liquid from a glass bottle or use a twist top. It also means you need to remove your atomizer since it’ll stand in the way, unless the fill bottle is really thin. A 120 mL bottle won’t fit at all and a 60 mL is a struggle. Having to remove the atomizer or worry about bottle types is a con to me. Not a major one, but it’s certainly an inconvenience that’s unique to the Aegis Squonk.

The other con has to do with removing the bottle, which is quite the chore. You have to remove the two top screws on the side of the mod and pull the whole squonk system, then slide back the fill port, remove two rubber pieces from the top which exposes two more screws, and unscrew those to take the top part of the bottle off. Then you can pull the bottle out to clean it or replace it. You’ll only need to remove the bottle once in a while to clean it or replace it, but I wish it was easier than that.

Overall, it’s a good squonk system that works well, but comes with some inconveniences which may turn some vapers off.

Pros / Cons

  • Great build quality
  • Nice rubber coating
  • IP67 rated
  • Six color options
  • Accurately rated for watts
  • Good power mode overall performance
  • Handles 25 mm+ atomizers without overhang
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable price tag
  • High amp Limit
  • Watt curve mode available
  • Good TC performance
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Large and clear screen
  • Squonk system works great
  • No chance of internal leaking
  • Spare bottle included
  • No listing for max amps
  • Not a fan of the battery cap
  • Have to remove atomizer to fill squonk bottle
  • Squonk bottle takes a lot of work to remove
  • Proprietary squonk bottle


Overall, Geekvape did a great job with this mod. I’ve always been a fan of the Aegis line of mods for the design and performance and the Aegis Squonk lives up to the expectations. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s one of very few (if not the only one) affordable non-DNA single-battery squonk mods that do a good temp control. I was very happy to see that.

I do have some nagging cons, but they aren’t major and have nothing to do with build quality or performance. In fact, all of them are related one way or another with what they had to do to make it modular and IP67. They aren’t dealbreakers to me, and I’ll still happily use mine after the review. If you don’t mind the extra work to fill or clean the bottle, the Aegis is easily one of the best squonk mods on the market.

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/geekvape-aegis-squonk-tc-kit-100w-with-tengu-rda.html

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SMOK TFV16 Tank Review

By now, we all know who SMOK are. The vaping giants from Shenzen in China have been around since 2010 and I’ve lost count of how many iterations of the TFV line we’ve already seen, the latest being the SMOK TFV16 sub ohm tank on review today.

smok tfv16 sub ohm vape tank

SMOK doesn’t have the greatest reputation with atomisers with coil life being a bit rubbish and leaking has certainly been a pain in the rear for a lot of vapers in the past. But with millions of sales worldwide, there must be something that keeps us vapers coming back for more.

As of recent they have also been releasing some great products such as the SMOK Morph mod, the Nord pod system and the Infinix 2.

What Can We Expect From The TFV16 by SMOK?

The SMOK TFV16 tank is an absolute monster at 64.5mm tall and 28mm in diameter. It holds a massive 9mm of e-liquid and has 3 brand new mesh coils.

SMOK say they have changed the top filling system, meaning no more leaks and they’ve changed the airflow system to allow for even more airflow!

Will the TFV16 transport me back to the days of the original Cloud Beast TFV8 that I adored and truly be the return of the king as SMOK claim? Let’s find out!

Thank you to SMOK who sent the TFV16 over for the review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are from my own testing of the tank.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x TFV16 Tank (9ml)
  • 1 x TFV16 Mesh 0.17ohm Coil (pre installed)
  • 1 x TFV16 Dual Mesh 0.12ohm Coil
  • 1 x Bulb Glass Protective Silicone Sleeve
  • 1 x Glass Tube Replacement
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Parts

Kit Contents

SMOK TFV16 Tank Specs

  • Base Diameter: 28mm
  • Dimensions: 32 X 64.5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 94g
  • Capacity: 9ml
  • Threads: 510

tfv16 by smoktech specs

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Firstly, juice capacity is a massive 9ml! Great if you don’t like having to fill up too often but not so great if you happen to spring a leak.smok tfv16 handcheck

SMOK have changed up the gasket in the button locking, swing open top fill which they say will not only prevent leaking but makes the top of the tank look cleaner.

We also have a raised tank base which is much higher than what was seen on the previous TFV12 sub ohm tank.

They’ve also widened the airflow intakes. SMOK say this will provide even more space for airflow and flavour.

The TFV16 also features a 16mm resin, sleeve style mouthpiece and 3 brand new coils – two of which you get in the box.

The tank is available in 6 colours – Black Plating, Red, Blue, Gold, Stainless Steel and 7 Colour. We’ll be taking a look at the Blue version today.smok tfv16 sub tank colours

Design and Build Quality

Everything I’ve had from SMOK lately has been great quality, I found the SMOK Morph was a great example of this. The TFV16 is no exception.smok tfv16 on a mod

The airflow control ring is silky smooth without being slack enough to move by itself or if it’s nudged.

Top Fill

The swinging top fill feels really sturdy and locks with a gentle push. It also takes a fair bit of pressure to open once you’ve pushed the button so no fears that the TFV16 will spring open in your pocket and bathe you in 9ml of e-liquid.

Paint Finish

The paint finish on the tank is gorgeous and I love the deep blue colour, especially with the brushed stainless steel effect. You also get a matchy matchy resin drip tip but unfortunately it is a sleeve style tip and your normal 810 or 50 tips won’t fit.smok tfv16 drip tip

Bubble Glass and Protector

The 9ml bubble glass is absolutely massive but weirdly isn’t to obnoxious on this huge tank.

You also get a handy, yet ugly, silicone bubble glass protector in the box which I have been using as I’m clumsy and would’ve no doubt broken before I’d even finished testing the tank.smok tfv16 silicone protector

I have knocked it over a couple of times but I’m yet to see any chips or scratches appear.

I really like the overall look and feel of the TFV16. Nothing feels cheap or badly put together, in fact it has a really high quality feel to it.

My only suggestion would be to maybe make those silicone protectors in the same colour as the tank, just to take the edge off how awful it looks.

How To Change The SMOK TFV16 Coil

  • Unscrew the base then unscrew your used coil
  • Screw your new coil into the base and prime with a few drops of e-liquid
  • Screw the tank back together and fill
  • Leave to stand for 5 minutes to ensure the cotton is fully saturated

How To Fill the SMOK TFV16 Tank

  • Press the button and push the top cap open counter clockwise

How To Fill The SMOK TFV16 tank

  • Using the kidney shaped fill port, fill the tank with your chosen e-liquid

Fill TFV16 with vape juice

  • Close the cap firmly ensuring it locks into place

How Does the SMOK TFV16 Tank Perform?

For this review I’ve been using my favourite Apple Jam e-liquid which is 70/30 VG/PG and 3mg in nicotine strength.

There are three coils currently available for this tank, two of which are included in the kit. The TFV16 Triple Mesh coil is available separately.

smok tfv16 coils

TFV16 Mesh – 0.17ohm

The new TFV16 single mesh coil is 0.17ohm and rated best at 120w.
smok tfv16 single mesh coil insideI started this one off low at 80w and found it was extremely cold, even with the airflow closed right down.

Slowly but surely I worked my way up 5 watts at a time (being super careful as I know SMOK coils can be temperamental) to 120 watts and I have to say that’s definitely where I found the best flavour and cloud production.

Sure you can push it higher if you’re after a really hot vape but 120 watts was just about perfect for me.

Flavour and Clouds

Flavour was there for me instantly with this big single coil. Even with that huge airflow wide open, my juice tasted spot on.

With the TFV16 mesh coil, you do get rather a noisy vape but you can quieten it a little if you close the airflow down a bit and you’ll only intensify the flavour if you do.

Clouds are big and dense, almost ridiculously so.

Coil Life

This was the one point that disappointed me with this coil. On day 3 I knew we were nearing the end of the journey. That intermittent but all too familiar burnt taste was appearing throughout the day and by day 4 I knew I had to give in and change it.

Sure enough when I removed the coil from the tank, you could clearly see the cotton and mesh were toasted and crispy.

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TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil – 0.12oHm

The TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil is a completely different vaping experience.
smok tfv16 dual mesh coil insideIt’s rated from 80 – 160 watts but SMOK say it’s best at 120 watts.

The Dual Mesh coil has two smaller and more enclosed coils. This massively reduces the amount of airflow you get and really intensifies the flavour and saturation of the vapour.

I started out at 80 watts and again worked my way up to the recommended 120 watts. For me 120 watts is fine if you close down the airflow a little but the perfect temperature vape was 130 watts.

You can push it to 160 watts but things really heat up and I’m not sure how long you’d get from your coil at that temperature.

Flavour and Clouds

The SMOK TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil has been my favourite of the two. The more restricted airflow and the saturation of the vapour it produces really knocks it out the park where flavour is concerned. Definitely the best flavour I’ve had from any SMOK tank I’ve tried this year!

Clouds are, again, large and foreboding. You can easily cloud out a room if you chain vape for a couple of minutes. But, you can’t expect anything less from the successor to the Cloud Beast King!

Coil Life

The TFV16 Dual Mesh seems to lasting a bit longer than the single mesh coil. I’m now onto day 7 of pretty constant use and no burning taste just yet. Flavour and clouds are just as good as day one.

I’ve really enjoyed using the TFV16 as my all day tank.

Flavour is great and the clouds are really good too. I’ve had no issues other than the first coil burning out too quickly. There hasn’t been a single bit of leaking. Not even one drop!

Maybe the slight change to that gasket in the top fill system has really fixed the problem.

Something worth mentioning though, when you’re installing the coil into the tank it can be a little tricky to catch the threading at first. You need to put quite a bit of pressure onto the coil to get it to catch the threading on the bottom of the tank.

Once it catches it’s not a problem but just a little something to take note of.

Also! Just because you have a 9ml juice capacity doesn’t mean you’ll be filling up any less.

This is a crazy thirsty tank. I can empty the tank in half an hour to an hour with ease. If you plan on buying one, stock up on e juice first!


  • Big juice capacity
  • Great flavour
  • Great clouds
  • Good Quality
  • Nice colours and paint finish
  • Silicon protector included
  • No leaking


  • Hit and miss coil life
  • 28mm size will overhang on some mods
  • Sleeve style drip tip so can’t use your own

Final Review Verdict

The SMOK TFV16 is a massive tank with great clouds and flavour that is only really let down by its hit or miss coil life.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this as my every day tank since it arrived. Although it guzzles e-liquid like there’s no tomorrow, it’s worth it for the great flavour the TFV16 puts out.

The fit and finish on the tank is absolutely spot on and the colours are gorgeous, especially with the matchy drip tips. (Even if I do wish SMOK would make their tips 810 fitting.)

My only real disappointment has been that single mesh coil. If it had lasted as long as the dual mesh coil has then I’d really be struggling to complain at all.

Overall, the SMOK TFV16 is a great stock coil sub ohm tank that can rival any other stock coiler on the market right now for flavour and clouds!

Maybe come up with a new name next time though eh SMOK? Before we’re all vaping the SMOK TFV234…

Did you buy the SMOK TFV16 tank? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/smok-tfv16-tank.html

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FreeMax GEMM Kit Review

FreeMax is coming back with the new Gemm Kit, which comes with the Gemm 2900mAh battery and the Gemm disposable tank. The Gemm disposable tanks use the same tea fiber cotton blend found in the Twister Kit Metal Edition, and feature a new diamond mesh structure.


  • GEMM Battery
  • Size: 85mm x 25mm
  • Built-in Battery: 2900mAh
  • Output Wattage Level: 40W/60W/80W (0.15ohm), 40W/60W/80W (0.2ohm), 20W/25W/30W (0.5ohm)
  • Output Voltage Range: 0-4.2V
  • Output Current Range: 0-42A
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm
  • Power Efficiency: 95%
  • GEMM Tank
  • Size: 51.35mm x 25mm (5ml Standard Edition)
  • Capacity: 5ml (G1 Mesh Coil Standard Edition); 4ml (G2 Mesh Coil Standard Edition),
  • Material: Steel/Pyrex/PCTG
  • Working Wattage: 20-90W
  • Thread: 510

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What Will You Get

Freemax GEMM kit
  • 1 x GEMM 80W VW MOD
  • 1 x GEMM Disposable Tank (built-in G2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm 40-80W)
  • 1 x GEMM Disposable Tank (built-in G1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm 40-80W)
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Warning Card
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User manual

GEMM Battery

The GEMM battery has a 2900mAh capacity, which is bigger than the Twister 2300mAh battery. Battery capacity means a lot especially for a disposable tank with big juice capacity. GEMM is enough to keep you vaping through whole day even on the highest 80W output.

The battery design is very simple and easy to operate: A power button (3 clicks to change wattage), LED indicator on the power button and a charging port at the back of power button. There are also some venting holes at the bottom.

  • Battery Level Indicator:
  • Green: >65%
  • Yellow: 30%-65%
  • Red: <30%

It may need several hours to get it fully charged, just do it when you’re in the bed as you cannot vape while it is charging.

Disposable Tank/Coil

FreeMax always gives you a lots of option on coils, so does the new GEMM. There are 6 different coils available: 1 regular, 5 mesh coils.

The mesh coils adopts new diamond mesh structure and patented 90% tea fiber cotton & 10% organic cotton formula which refresh your flavors. Tea fiber cotton, same in the Fireluke 2 tank, is one of the important element for the success of GEMM disposable tank.

The whole tank is undetachable (coil/drip tip cannot be replaced), there is no need to worry about the leaking problem. The closed system allows for simple top filling with a large juice leading holes ensure the cotton stays well soaked.


I have tested it for a week now, the coils I tested in this review are the G1 single mesh and G2 dual mesh. The only real difference between them was varying levels of vapour production and a difference in temperature. Both coils tested produced the same great flavour. While I prefer the G2 coil, as it produced a bit warmer vapor than G1.

I tested the G1 coil for 3 days, refilled 4 times, while G2 for 5 days, refilled 7 times. Did not notice any flavor drop in my test, I believe the tea fiber cotton is the key. Freemax promoted that the GEMM will last longer than any other disposable tanks. Untill now, for me it works great.

They also send me a G3, I will test it later and update the performance here. Also I will keep testing the G1 & G2 to see how long can they last.


It should be a big concern at this matter. Previously people just throw the dead coils away, now they need to throw the whole tank into the bin. Though the tank was made by PCTG material and FreeMax has some certifications to show the tank is environment-friendly, its a waste still.

Any companies will start a new business to recyle the dead vapes? Lets see.

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Who Need This?

I dont think it is a must for all vapers. But it do help for some vapers, like:

  • Outdoor workers – dont worry to break your glass tanks any more with this disposable PCTG tank
  • Travellers – Sometimes people during travel are hard to find vape shops lacally if they need a new replacement coil or glass tube for their tanks, GEMM helps.
  • Lazy vapers – who even dont wanna change coils lol
  • FreeMax fans – reasonable


I have searched around the Google, a pack of 2 replacement tanks can be picked up around 9USD, and the GEMM 80W kit can be purchased around 25USD. That’s about the same price as many pods on the market, and there are two Gemm tanks in the kit. The large battery capacity and long lasting coils, makes the GEMM kit a really affordable option.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • Good quality
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Good flavor for both tanks
  • Very nice pricing
  • Cons
  • Not environment-friendly for disposable tanks
  • No passthrough function on the battery

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/freemax-gemm-80w-starter-kit-2900mah-with-gemm-disposable-tank.html

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Vaporesso VM Solo 22 Review

Vaporesso loves to sit out, and then immediately roll out a lot of new products in a variety of segments. From what we can remember the fastest – Gen . Well, today we will talk about a simpler member of the family – VM Solo 22 . 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
I will not lie if I say that this format has long become boring to everyone. At one time, manufacturers simply went crazy and, one after another, released the “hi-style” kits. Someone tried to stand out with the help of prints, colors, unusual glasses, and someone simple stamped absolutely gray devices. As for the news, I don’t see much point in discussing its design. I will not say that Solo is directly ugly, but there is absolutely nothing interesting in it 🙁 Just a bright little thing, ready to cope with simple tasks.
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
Dimensions : 

Height – 114 mm. 
Diameter – 22 mm. 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
The manufacturer does not hide that he made the device for beginners. For this reason, everything is extremely simple. The built-in battery has 2000 mah capacity and is charged via micro usb (1A). Of course, there are all the necessary protections. I’m even sure that the LED indicator was hidden somewhere 🙂 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
Those who have already started thinking about the possibility to wind another atomizer on the battery should be upset. Devices work only in pairs, so you should forget about the ability to change components. But I wouldn’t be particularly upset because of this – there are a lot of options on the market with this possibility. But the price there is different 🙂 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
The VM 22 atomizer is used as an atomizer. As I understand it, this is a special version for the kit and you can purchase it separately and already with the ability to wind it anywhere. On the technical side, I see absolutely nothing remarkable. Standard tank with upper filling and lower adjustable airflow. Two evaporator options are available – 1.0 ohm EUC CCELL (10-14W); 0.6 ohm EUC MESHED (16-22W). 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?
They are intended for liquids on saline nicotine and ordinary liquids, respectively. Pleased with the ability to fine-tune the airflow using tiny air intake slots. If all this on the heap will work adequately, then it is quite possible to expect a normal simulation of a tight tightening. 
VM Solo 22 by Vaporesso - contender for where to start?

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Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review

The Zeus X is the latest dual-coil top-airflow rebuildable tank atomizer by Geekvape. This is the fourth top-airflow RTA the company has produced, after the original Zeus, the Zeus Dual and the Themis RTA. Dual-coil RTAs with a top airflow are kind of a niche, but Geekvape has established a tradition for this type of atomizers, and both the Zeus Dual and the Themis were solid performers. Keep reading to find out if the RTA named after the king of gods, has enough to claim the crown of top-airflow RTAs.

Geekvape has put together an awesome packaging for the reviewer’s edition, which reminds me a lot of the Aspire Quad Flex Survival kit box. MyVpro sent this edition to our editor in chief in the US, but not wanting to wait for it to arrive to me, and with the Zeus line being super popular here in Greece, I managed to get it from a local vape shop very soon after it got released. Jeremy will keep the fancy reviewer’s edition for his cabinet, and I will review the standard edition, which is the one available to the public.

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Build quality and design

Geekvape Zeus X RTA review

The machining and build quality of the Zeus X is impressive across the board. The tank is 25 mm at its base and 29 mm at the bubble glass. It fits 4.5 mL with the bubble glass and 3.5 mL with the straight glass, which is around the average for this type of RTAs. The face of Zeus is still there, and regardless of if you like it or not, the details on it are impressive. The threads are smooth, and the airflow control ring has just enough resistance to move easily but not on its own. There’s no fancy filling mechanism here, just a quarter turn to remove the top for filling. The filling ports are a bit small, but not too small by any means and will get the job done.

The tank is compatible with Goon-style 810 drip tips, but 810s with O-rings will work fine on it. The drip tip that is on the Zeus X out of the box is very similar in form to the Half Moon stubby drip tips. It is very short, which may be a con for some people, but I really like this style of drip tip. On the downside, it is VERY hard to remove it and I had to use a tool to get it out. There’s an Ultem tip included in the box which is a bit longer, and also a 510 adapter.

Talking about accessories, I liked the fact that Geekvape includes a lot of them in the package. Outside of the two drip tips and the 510 adapter, you get two nichrome tri-core fused Clapton coils, two shoelace cotton strips, a straight glass, the standard tools, eight replacement deck screws and a plethora of O-rings. Which brings me to the next point: the only real drawbacks I found here had to do with the O-rings. The two O-rings that secure the glass in place are kinda loose, and specifically the bottom one can easily fall out when removing the glass, or even squeeze itself inside the tank when putting the atomizer together. Mine was also a little bit worn out of the box. Other than that, excellent build quality.


Geekvape Zeus X RTA review

The airflow system employs a very smart chimney-inside-the-chimney mechanism. The inside chimney has two small cutouts at the bottom, which fit to the two notches on the build deck and stay in place when screwing the atomizer together. It connects to the outer chimney with the use of a small O-ring that’s placed on the top part of it. The O-ring is a bit too thin (these O-rings, I’m telling you!), and the inside chimney may end up falling when opening the atomizer to reveal the deck. Not a big deal, but I advise turning the Zeus X upside down when unscrewing the top from the bottom, just to be safe.

The top holes of the chimney direct the air to the top part of the coils at an angle, and the side holes hit them on their sides. I was afraid that this may end up creating some turbulence and a bit more restriction than I would like, but the airflow is smooth, and it can get very airy when fully open. In fact, it is much smoother and a tad airier than the Zeus Dual.

Build deck

Geekvape Zeus X RTA review

There’s nothing super innovative going on with the deck, but it is certainly an upgrade over both the original Zeus and the Zeus Dual build decks. It reminds me of the build decks of the Dead Rabbit series of atomizers, not so much on the looks but mainly due to the top loading posts and the fact that the wicks need to be long to reach the wick slots. There is also space to cut the extra length of your coils, which is always a good thing.

There’s not that much space for large exotic coils, and you have to also account for the inside chimney when building. The chimney comes with a small indentation inside, further restricting the space for your build. I advise going up to 3 mm diameter coils for dual builds – you may be able to go up to 3.5 mm but anything over that and you will run the risk of shorting the atomizer.

Coil installation and wicking

Geekvape Zeus X RTA review

Coil installation is pretty straight forward on the Zeus X. Just cut the legs of your coils, keep them with your fingers on the deck, and secure them in place with the flathead screws. Pull them upwards with your coil jig, placing them closer to the airflow holes. Make sure you keep a bit of a distance between them, but take care not to stray far from the center of the deck or your coils may touch the chimney. For the first couple of builds, I suggest trying the chimney on before wicking and adjusting the coils if needed.

Wicking is much more forgiving than it was on the original Zeus and the Zeus Dual. There’s not that much to talk about here: for 3 mm dual coil builds, slightly comb your cotton (less if using 2.5 mm dual coils, and even less if using a larger single coil), place your wick tails inside the wick slots without forcing them in, and you’re done. You will notice that your wicks will have a to be a bit longer than usual, due to the distance between the deck and the bottom of the RTA. Other than that, just make sure you get your wick tails a couple of millimeters inside the slots, and don’t remove too much of the cotton when fluffing them. The Zeus X will not leak due to its top airflow, but you can still flood the deck if liquid flows too fast.


Geekvape Zeus X RTA review

I tried two dual-coil builds on the Zeus X, a couple of 24-gauge nichrome wire coils and the included tri-core fused Claptons. I also tried a 4 mm single coil build using a beefy alien coil.

In dual-coil configuration I got the best results with the fused Claptons, and it was by a fair margin. The 24-gauge nichrome coils were alright, but as expected, the Claptons produced much more flavor and vapor. In fact, the flavor was so good that it gives many bottom-airflow RTAs in this price range a run for their money. Comparing it with dual-coil top-airflow RTAs, the Zeus X is in a league of its own. The flavor I got out of it was much better than the Dead Rabbit RTA, as well as the Zeus Dual and Themis. It is also less noisy than your typical top airflow RTA. There is some noise there, due to the air traveling from the top to the deck and then back up, but it is not annoying, and I wouldn’t call it a turbulent RTA by any means.

Performance in single coil mode was not amazing, but much better than I expected, especially considering that the Zeus X is predominantly a dual-coil RTA. The inside chamber did a good job of restricting the chamber enough for my 4 mm diameter coil to produce good flavor, although that came in the expense of a noisier vape. I feel that I would have been able to fix some of that if I moved my coil around a bit, but I decided to go back to a dual-coil build instead. The Zeus X is alright for the occasional single-coil build, but there are better atomizers out there if that’s what you are after.

Pros / Cons

  • Solid build quality
  • Looks good
  • Leakproof
  • Easy to build and wick
  • Smart chimney-inside-the-chimney airflow design
  • Ample and smooth airflow
  • Excellent flavor for a top-airflow RTA
  • Many accessories
  • Passable single-coil performance
  • Less loud than most top-airflow RTAs
  • Some O-rings are loose
  • Nothing ground-breaking on the build deck
  • Would have liked an extra mL of capacity


I am very impressed by this RTA. From its looks to its performance, the Zeus X beats all other top-airflow RTAs at its price range. It’s not even close, in my opinion. It is easy to build and wick, employs an airflow system that’s smart, and the flavor I got from it surpassed my expectations. The problems I had with its O-rings and the lack of originality on the build deck are the only real cons I could come up with, and certainly not enough to cost it the title of the king of dual-coil top-airflow RTAs. If you are in the market for one of those, I can highly recommend the Zeus X. It’s that good.

Have you tried any of the Zeus tanks before? What do you think of the Zeus X RTA? Let me know in the comments!

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Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit Review

The company Vapefly after a long lull directly straightened out in earnest. Not so long ago, they presented a new MTL drip, a little later served by the AIO kit, and now they set to work on the MTL segment again. They present a starter kit with a cigarette puff. Well, then – we will watch. 

Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit 
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Dimensions: 80 x 19mm (mod only) 
Weight: unknown 
Case material: stainless steel 
Power: built-in 1400mAh 
Output power: up to 30W 
Voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2V Operation 
mode: POWER 
Supported resistance: 0.5 – 3.0Ω 
Protection :from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from overcharging / overdischarging 
Connector type: steel 510, gold-plated pin, spring loaded 
Screen / diagonal: no 
Micro-USB port / charging: yes, charging current 0.8A 
Color: see photo below 
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Galaxies MTL tank 

Case material: stainless steel 
Atomizer type: maintenance-free 
Evaporators: 0.5 / 0.6Ω 
Capacity: 1.8ml 
Diameter: 19mm 
Height: 46.4mm with drip tip 
Connector: 510, pin is gilded 
Weight: unknown 
Color: see photo below
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
– Galaxies mod
– Galaxies MTL tank
– replaceable evaporator 2pcs 0.5 / 0.6Ω (one preinstalled)
– spare glass
– spare parts
– USB cable
– user manual
– warranty card

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Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Appearance unremarkable – nothing special about it. Form factor vape pen, rounded profile.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Full tank – detaches from the hull. Its capacity is not so big, it will refuel from above. By the way, drip type is removable, it seems, the 510th landing.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
There are two types of replaceable evaporators, one of them is made on a grid.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Replacement is made from the bottom – in principle, everything is standard.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
But we tried to adjust the tightening – as many as nine settings. There is an elongated slot and a single point.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
The pipe model is pretty simple. Landing maximum, as you understand, is only for 19mm.

The central place of the device is occupied by a large fire button. It is surrounded by an LED indicator. In addition to its main function, it can change the output voltage. In total, as I understand it, there are three modes.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...
Built-in battery of good capacity, it will take more than an hour and a half to charge it to the brim. The developers identified the causal connector on the side surface directly below the connector.
Vapefly Galaxies MTL Starter Kit - a set with decent airflow control ...

View the product here:  https://www.ave40.com/vapefly-galaxies-mtl-starter-kit-1200mah.html

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Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Interchangeable Panels

Rincoe are no strangers to vaping. Thanks to the unique styling of their Manto S and Manto Mini mods, they have been quite popular among vapers. Who doesn’t like a cool looking mod? The newest addition to their lineup is the Mechman 228W kit and it’s just as enticing and customizable as the rest.

The outside of the Mechman comes in three different stylings and there are three different choices of panel designs. But you can also remove the panels and replace the sticker with a custom-printed panel of your choice for added personal flare.

So it looks cool — but how does it perform? In this review I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the Rincoe Mechman kit and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth picking up.

Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Customizable Front Panel

Box ContentsBox Contents

  • 1 x Mechman 228W Mod
  • 1 x Mechman Mesh Tank
  • 1 x 0.25ohm Single Mesh Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x 0.20ohm Dual Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Extra Bubble Glass
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Parts


  • Size: 53.8mm x 29.2mm x 90mm
  • Power Range: 1-228W
  • Temperature Control Mode: Ni200/Ti/SS
  • Power Mode, Bypass Mode, TCR
  • Uses Two 18650 Batteries
  • Interchangeable Stickers & Panels

OverviewRincoe Mechman Overview

The Mechman gets it name from it’s all-metal, mechanical looking design. As a whole, it’s a pretty good looking kit. It’s not too heavy though, even with the batteries installed. You can get the mod in either black or silver with three different chassis styles: Steel Case, Steel Wings or Steel Bones. You can also get each style in four different panel designs: camouflage, American flag, Union flag or a mean looking wolf.

The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and fires at up to 228W in power mode. It has power mode, bypass mode, temperature control mode and TCR. As far as a menu goes, it doesn’t have one but this keeps the mod simple and easy to use.

The kit comes with the Mechman sub-ohm tank. It’s a 28mm tank made of stainless steel that uses a wide 810 resin drip tip. It comes with a 4.5ml capacity bubble glass and includes two different mesh coils. You get a 0.20ohm and a 0.25ohm coil with the kit.

My first impressions of the Mechman kit are pretty good. It looks good and feels good to hold. The 228W output is higher than most mods I’ve got a chance to review. Plus, it comes with some decent-looking mesh coils. We’ll see how it holds up.

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Design & Build Quality

The Mechman is a nice size for a dual battery mod. It’s not too tall and not too wide. It’s got rounded edges that make it comfortable to hold and it fit in my hand very comfortably. The body of the device is also made entirely of metal so it’s pretty durable. I got the black “Steel Wings” style of the mod for this review and the mechanical design is pretty cool — it looks very modern and clean. I got a number of compliments while using the mod from other fellow vapers and they all wanted to know where they could get one. That’s a really good sign in terms of design.

The American flag front panel is also very neat. If you’re from the U.S and looking to show your patriotism with a vape mod then this is definitely the one to do it with. But what’s neat about this mod is that you’re able to remove the “Steel Wings” that cover the front panel (provided you have access to a small torx screwdriver) and put a sticker of your choice underneath. I haven’t gotten around to printing off a “Versed Vaper” panel but it’s definitely on my to-do list. I haven’t seen another mod that allows you to do something like this so it’s definitely unique.

The back panel of the Mechman is a removable battery door. It’s magnetically attached and pulls off just like most other dual battery mods. This panel is similar in design to the front, with the Steel Wings, however you can’t remove the screws to insert a custom design. It’s got a grid-style pattern that matches the rest of the mod though so I have no complaints.

The 510 is centered and in my books that’s always a good thing;  it makes the mod look much nicer with a tank installed. There are three buttons: a rocker-style firing button and two smaller adjustment buttons. The fire button takes the perfect amount of pressure to press and isn’t too light. The adjustment buttons are also the same pressure-wise and feel just as firm and well-built.

The screen is large on the Mechman mod and the readouts are clear. It’s a black and white screen, not color, but that isn’t too big of a deal. There’s no way to adjust the brightness, but even outdoors I found it bright enough to see. Just under the screen and the buttons is a micro-USB port for firmware updates and charging. If you’re in a pickle this device does support pass-thru charging and that’s a pro.

Mechman Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

  • Mechman Sub-Ohm Tank

The Mechman tank is 28mm in diameter. It matches the mod and uses a bubble glass that gives it a 4.5ml max capacity. In case you break the glass, the kit includes a spare identical glass which I rate. It’s got a wide 810 drip tip made of resin that is pretty nice but it’s also interchangeable with most other 810’s.

Like most other tanks on the market the Mechman tank is top filled and uses push-to-fill. It’s firm enough that it’s not going to open up in your pocket but easy enough to open without too much effort — it’s a happy medium. There’s a silicone gasket that surrounds the fill port to prevent leaking as well.

The airflow on the Mechman consists of two wide slots that are fully adjustable. They can be opened or closed according to your preference but it’s still going to be a direct-to-lung draw no matter how you position it. As opposed to the top cap, I found the airflow a bit too difficult to turn. It’s very tight so I found myself unscrewing the tank from the mod when trying to adjust it. It did loosen up a bit over time but I would of preferred the airflow control ring to be a bit easier to adjust.

  • Mechman Coils

Included with the kit are two mesh coils of different resistances. There’s a 0.20ohm dual mesh coil rated for 50-80W as well as a 0.25ohm single mesh coil rated for 40-60W. I got surprisingly good flavor and clouds out of both of these but I’ll go over their performance in depth a little later.

Features & FunctionsRincoe Mechman Features

This mod fires quite a bit higher than most other mods on the market. In power mode you get up to 228W of output. It uses Rincoe’s in-house chip for regulation which comes with a bunch of safety features built-in. It’s got overheating protection, low voltage protection, short-circuit/overload protection, reverse battery protection as well as a 10 second cut off if you fire the mod for too long.

For firing modes you get Power mode, Bypass Mode, Temperature Control mode and TCR. This is pretty much all you need, but if you’re looking for variable voltage you’re not going to find it with this mod.

The UI displays your battery charge level, set mode, wattage, puff time, resistance and output voltage. It’s a bit of an old-school looking design but it works to provide the information that you need about your vape. This mod is also simple and straightforward to use because there is no menu.

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Button Combinations

Switch Modes: Press the fire button three times and use the adjustment buttons.

Lock the Device: Hold the + adjustment button and firing button.

Change Wattage in TC Mode: Hold the – adjustment button and firing button, then use the adjustment buttons to change the wattage. Press fire to confirm.


  • Rincoe Mechman Performance

I tested the Mechman mod using the included Mechman tank and both mesh coils. I also tested the mod using the Hellvape Hellbeast as well as with the Bonza V1.5 RDA. Performance wise, this kit is pretty good.

The Mechman mod is pretty impressive. I didn’t have a need, nor the coils, to push it past 150W so I didn’t get to test it at 228W. However, while it lacks a more advanced menu, it works great in power mode all the way up to 150W; it certainly felt like it was delivering the correct wattage. Additionally, the mod was really good at reading the resistance of my atomizers correctly.

On the temperature control side of things, the Mechman is like most mods: mediocre. I didn’t find that it was delivering the right temperature and instead it felt like it was way too cool of a vape when set at 450°F. I had to turn it up to around 520°F in order to get what felt like the correct vape of 450°F. I would steer clear of this mod if you’re planning on using it for temperature control.

Another thing to note about this mod is its Bypass mode. With the 0.23ohm coil that came included, Bypass mode fires at 183W! While most other regulated mods will limit the voltage, Rincoe have told me that this mod is unrestricted with its Bypass. This means that you get the full voltage output of both batteries on a full charge which is not very useful to be honest. The reason most other mods limit the wattage output in Bypass is so that you can actually vape at a reasonable level, not singe your lips off! Unless you like burning your coils, I wouldn’t use Bypass mode with this mod as it ends up outputting wattages/voltages that are way too high for your coils to handle.

The Mechman sub-ohm tank with the 0.25 single mesh coil was alright in terms of flavor. It wasn’t bad at all but it definitely isn’t the best coil that I’ve used. The flavor was good and the clouds were also decent. However, it didn’t bring out the full flavor in my ejuices and this was a bit disappointing. The 0.20ohm dual mesh coil on the other hand was much better. I was vaping it at from 75-85W and the flavor was very on-point and on-par with some of the better sub-ohm tanks that I’ve used. It actually exceeded my expectations for a kit-included tank. I really enjoyed using the dual mesh coil with this tank and it made the whole kit a quite enjoyable experience.

Using the Hellbeast sub-ohm tank with the Mechman mod was very good. It delivered an accurate power output and vaped really well. The same can be said about the Bonza V1.5. I used 0.2ohm fused claptons and it fired and vaped marvelously.

Lastly, I’m going to end this on another positive note. The battery efficiency of this mod is really, really good. The Rincoe chip seems to sip power. Even when vaping at higher wattages it still lasted me about two days on average before I had to recharge. Where I usually average a day or less with most other dual battery mods at the same wattages, I’m not sure what kind of magic is going on here. However, I’m not going to complain!

VerdictRincoe Mechman 228W Kit Review

Overall, the Mechman kit is a good pickup for wattage mode vapers. The form factor is really nice and comparatively lightweight. Plus, the ability to swap our the panels for your own custom designs is something I’ve never seen before. This added personalization is really cool and I definitely rate it. It’s an awesome looking mod, that’s for sure!

The included Mechman sub-ohm tank functions well with the dual mesh coil and provides good flavor. Wattage mode works great and the battery efficiency of the mod is also notably good. However, for temperature control mode vapers I would suggest another mod.

What are your thoughts on the Mechman mod/kit? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/rincoe-mechman-tc-kit-228w-with-mechman-mesh-tank-4-5ml.html

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Geekvape Aegis X Kit Review – Indestructible Mod Part 5

Before the Geekvape Aegis X was announced I almost convinced myself that Geekvape were done with the Aegis line. A plethora of Aegis mods have come before this.

We’ve had everything now, single 18650 (Aegis Solo), single 26650 (Original Aegis), dual 18650 (Aegis Legend), Internal Battery (Aegis Mini) and even the single battery Aegis Squonker – And there is also an Aegis Pod Kit on the way!

GeekVape AEgis line upSurely there cant be many more? When is a company just trying to stretch a line of products too thin? Is it a cash grab? Or is it just a long path to perfection?

One things for sure – The Aegis X is, at a glance, is a winner.

What Can We Expect From The Geekvape Aegis X Kit?

A huge 2.4in colour display on one side, and flip it round and you get the typical Aegis design we’ve all become accustomed to. Along with all those fancy features, it’s also in keeping with its predecessors. An IP67 water proof and dust proof rating, thick rubbery finish and that squidgy leather on one end.

I suppose we should look at the Aegis X as the Aegis Legend’s Offspring, which was their Flagship, Dual 18650 200w mod and personally my favourite mod of all time. The Aegis X follows suit but has brought the Aegis into 2019.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

This Kit was sent to me for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

What’s In The Box

  • Aegis X Mod
  • Cerberus Tank with 5.5ml Glass
  • Spare 4.0ml Glass(0.20Ω X1 coil pre-installed)
  • Extra Mesh Coil 0.20Ω MESH X1 (30-90w) Recommended 60-80w
  • Bag of Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • USB Charging/Firmware Upgrade Cable
  • Manual (Not included in my Sample Packaging)
  • NOTE – TPD Version may come with 2.0ml Glass Only

What's in the box



  • Battery – Dual 18650 Battery Compartment
  • Up to 200w power
  • 2.4in OLED Screen
  • Upgraded AS Chip
  • Multiple settings options including Wattage/TC/Bypass/Curve
  • IP67 Rating Waterproof/Shockproof/Dust proof
  • ABB – Automatic Battery Balancing
  • Height: 89.0mm
  • Width: 55.0mm
  • Depth:28.5mm
  • Colours Available: Stealth Black | Gunmetal & Camo | Classic Silver | Gold & Black | Green & Black | Rainbow & Black | Red & Black | Signature Orange

Aegis X Colour options


  • Constant wattage fixed output
  • Tank capacity: 5.5ml (2ml for EU)
  • Airflow adjustment
  • Rubberised body
  • Height: 43mm (Including Low Profile Drip-Tip)
  • Diameter: 24mm (27mm at widest point with bubble glass)
  • Colours Available: Black, Silver, Rainbow, Black w/Red

Design and Build Quality

I received the Stealth Black version of the Geekvape Aegis X – Which came with the Black Cerberus Tank. A underrated tank in my opinion.Geekvape aegis x full mod

View more vape devices: https://www.ave40.com/

In The Hand

If you used or even held an Aegis Legend before, the Aegis X will feel much the same to you.

However, it does weight a little less than the Legend, which in all honesty is a positive point as one of the general issues with the Legend, for some, was its weight.

Geekvape aegis x in hand

Held with your thumb over the ‘Ski-Slope’ styled fire button, the Aegis X is very comfortable.

The nice leather finish on one end gives the device a comfortable feel. Any fingers not on the leather are gripped to the rubberised parts giving you extra grip, limiting the chances of dropping the mod.

A perfect mod to hold personally. Fit my hands like a dream.fire button on aegis x

As an index finger firer, it’s just as comfortable though. So no matter how you hold your mod, as long as you can appreciate this is a dual 18650 ‘Indestructible Mod you’re going to enjoy its feel.

mod buttons

OLED Screen

With regards to the screen, it’s one of the largest, clearest, brightest screens I’ve used.

Certainly a plus, especially for those who struggle with their vision.

side buttons

Everything is large and clear and that’s what makes the Aegis X stand out in comparison to the majority of mods that hit the market.

Not to mention those that have tried to imitative the Aegis style.

Cerberus Tank

The Cerberus Tank has been used by Geekvape for quite a while now, but it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing too fancy or smart about it but it’s a good all rounder for both performance and build quality.

cerberus tank close up aegis solo-kit

All the tolerances and threads are spot on, the 90 degree twist filling cap is good and creates a lovely tight seal.

I really like the low-profile drip it that came with the tank and it fits into the top nice and snug.


The airflow control is super smooth and adjusts beautifully, mostly thanks to the knurling around the top cap, and the airflow ring.

It’s not a super noisy tank, theres a little whistle and a slight bit of that turbulence going on, but it’s not deafening and certainly won’t turn peoples heads.

Geekvape Aegis X with tankHow Does the Geekvape Aegis X Kit perform?

Basic operation

There are quite a lot of settings to go through here, but if you’re looking at picking up this kit, you may want to have a little read.

First off – The main screen displays probably everything you need go know.

  • Mode (1,2,3,4)
  • Battery levels
  • Power and Power Mode
  • Coil resistance
  • Voltage
  • Current Rating
  • Puff Count

There are 2 levels to the menu options – But firstly, the Geekvape Aegis X has the usual 5 fire button clicks On and Off along with the option of Locking the device by pressing the Up and Down buttons for approx 3 seconds.Locked mod

Menu 1

3 Clicks of the Fire button take you into the Basic Menu which allows you to change between 4 Configurable Modes.

In wattage mode you can choose between Soft, Standard and Powerful which will basically increase or decrease the initial ramp up time when you press the fire button.

You can also reset your Puff count in this mode.

To get out of this Menu, simply leave the device for approx 5 seconds and you’re ready to go.

Menu 2

So getting into the Main Menu puzzled me at first, but simply click the fire button 3 times as you did to get into Menu 1, then follow up by pressing and holding the Up and Down buttons for 3 Seconds – this will open up a new screen! Yippee!Main Menu


Automatically detects the best wattage for your installed coil. Set to Auto, or Off.


Select between 3 different themes

Theme 1

Side view of Geekvape aegis X

Theme 2

Menu Style 3

Theme 3

Menu style 3


Select between 5 different colours

Obviously blue is one, the other are:

Red screen
Orange screen
And Green
green screen

Of course all these colours are used on all 3 Themes.


Displays the Version, and the Version Date.Aegis X version

ABB (Automatic Battery Balancing)

This is super clever, with the ABB option activated, the device will automatically Balance your battery levels. Yes it can take some time, but effectively what it’s doing is taking charge out of the more full battery, and levelling the charge levels out.

Most people know to ‘marry’ their batteries, ensuring the batteries are always used together, charged together – But that doesn’t mean batteries that have been paired, will stay perfectly balanced.

The Aegis X has done something remarkable here by self-balancing the batteries which may help increase the life of your batteries long term.


Simply resets the device to factory settings

How Does The Geekvape Aegis X Kit Perform?

First let’s take a quick look at getting started with the tank.

How To Fill The Geekvape Cerberus Tank

  1. Unscrew the top-cap by turning the top anti-clockwise by 90 degrees
  2. Fill the tank using either filling slot
  3. Re-fit the top-cap by pushing and turning clockwise 90 degrees

How to fill the Geekvape Cerberus tank

How To Change The Cerberus Coils

  1. Ensure the tank is empty
  2. Holding the base of the tank with your thumb, unscrew the rest of the tank anti-clockwise
  3. Unscrew the existing coil by turning anti-clockwise
  4. Fit the new coil and screw in Clockwise until tight
  5. Refit the rest of the tank (Including Glass of course)

Flavour and Clouds

The kit comes with 2 of the same coils, the 0.2Ω X1 Mesh Coil.

How to change the geekvape aegis coilI think they’ve missed a trick here – Some people, including myself like to try different coils in a kit as it helps them make a long term choice on which coil they prefer.

I really enjoyed the X2 0.3Ω coil that I had with the Aegis Solo Kit, they perform extremely well, flavour is ace, and at around 40w they were a lovely vape.

Not to mention the battery saving when vaping at a minuscule 40 watts.

The X1 0.2Ω Mesh Coil

The X1 coil recommends vaping at 60-80w. I found at around 75 watts, with the airflow halfway open, I get the best mix of a nice slightly warm, every so slightly restrictive vape.

However, the flavour is also slightly lacking. But not terrible. Just, in my opinion, not as good as the X2 Coil.

Breaking In Time

I found the X1 coils take quite a while to break in fully – around 4 tanks. Which in this case, meant running through 22ml of e-liquid. That’s pretty painstaking. But eventually the flavour comes through.

I didn’t experience such a long break-in time with the X2 coils, which is why I felt the need to mention this.Aegis leather palm grip

How Long Does The Aegis X Battery Last?

Like any mod, the battery life purely depends on:

  • A: The Batteries being Used
  • B: The resistance of your coils
  • C: The wattage you are vaping at.

I’ve had no problem getting a full days life out of my batteries when vaping at 75 watts.

So its comparable to many other mods I use daily at around the same wattage.


You can charge the device via the Micro USB port with a 5V/2A charge. As always I strongly recommend you remove the batteries, and use en external charger.

However, if you get really stuck, its nice to have the option there.

Top view of vape modI just suggest not leaving the device to charge overnight, and make sure its on a fire-proof surface. Sounds petty but safe to be safe.

Battery Door

The battery door is very similar to the Aegis Legend design, with a flip lid, and slide to lock catch. In all honesty, I’ve had a bit of trouble with the Aegis X.

Geekvape aegis x battery doorIt’s easy enough to open, but closing it once the batteries are installed can be a little annoying.

It just wont close shut with a hard push – you have to physically slide the catch over slightly to get it to lock

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The Stress Test – Is the Geekvape Aegis X Waterproof and Shockproof?

I’ve done the usual testing but I wont lie, I’ve struggled to strum up the courage to give the Aegis X a good kick about.

I really, REALLY like this mod and found myself finding excuses why I shouldn’t throw it around – But I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t do it!

So a quick cycle to the nearest Teen-Infested Skate Park and I gave the Aegis X a gentle, cautious beating.

Aegis X mod thrown about

Too cautious? Let’s turn it up a notch!

Aegis x mod punishment
Well.. That didn’t end too well!

Once a couple of local lads got their hands on the mod they soon realised just how fun it was to do tricks with the mod on-board. This ended disastrously for the Aegis X.

damage to the geekvape aegis x mod

After a quick wipe over…

screen damage

Generally, it all looks OK still – however, the real issue is going back to the battery door.

geekvape aegis x battery door broke

It doesn’t look like a lot of damage, but its caused problems, meaning the device is now difficult to use.

Now it’s fair to say the device does still turn on and work, the screen is still bright and bold considering the amount of scratches.

However, the battery door is fairly badly damaged, meaning you have to press on the battery door to turn on, and any light knock will switch the device off completely.

run over mod with bikeLet’s be fair here, the Geekvape Aegis X is ‘Shock-proof’ not Bulletproof, and certainly not Punishment-Proof.

However, one unfortunate drop, landing at the wrong angle, could possibly leave you without a usable device.

As much as I want to say this device held up really well, and it did. I’m just surprised that the battery door is that much weaker, especially in comparison to the Aegis Legend, and Aegis Solo that I’ve used and abused before.

I feel the battery door section could do with a little bit of work to give it a little bit more strength against accidental damage.

shockproof test

With regards to an underwater test – well I’m afraid I cant comment. Stupidly I decided to give the Aegis X a good bashing before getting to the bucket test.

However, looking at the silicon/Rubber seals around the battery door, the USB port and the build quality I have no concerns that the Aegis X wouldn’t survive a 30 minute soak in up to 1m of water.



  • A great device to use and abuse daily
  • Excellent bright, large clear screen
  • Hits fairly hard
  • For a large mod, its comfortable
  • Durable and Tough(Ish)


  • A solidly built tank
  • Good Flavour
  • Especially good with a 0.3 X2 coil
  • Airflow is smooth



  • Battery door doesn’t close easily
  • Battery door is its weakest point


  • The 0.2Ω X1 Mesh coil takes an age to break in
  • The X1 Mesh coil just doesn’t quite hit the spot with flavour

Final Review Verdict

I started testing this product with a huge smile on my face, and I was expecting nothing less than a huge smile at the end of my trials.

However, I’ve managed to destroy it, yes I went to town with giving the Aegis X some punishment. But in all honesty it really wasn’t given much of a beating and I have all footage on camera to see it was only a couple of drops from no more than 2m height.

Which unfortunately for me, hit the weak spot and caused the unfortunate damage to the battery door. Leaving the Aegis X almost good as useless.

But let’s get things straight – The Geekvape Aegis X is the best of the Aegis line in my opinion. It has everything the Aegis Legend had, but with a beautiful bright screen.

It really finishes the Aegis off and there is not a doubt in my mind I will be replacing this with another Aegis X myself very soon. Maybe I’ll ask Father Christmas for one?

The Cerberus is still a great ‘Kit-Tank’, I just feel slightly let down by the 0.2Ω X1 Mesh Coils. Apart from that, its a flavour banger and cloud chucker.

If you’re looking at the amazing line of Aegis Mods, don’t mess around and go straight to the top.

Its function, style and day to day uses far out-weigh every other Aegis mod available. Don’t forget to think of sad old me looking at my broken Aegis X.

Did you buy the Geekvape Aegis X? Have any questions about the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/geekvape-aegis-x-starter-kit-200w-with-cerberus-tank-5-5ml.html

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Vaporesso Gen Mod Review | Super Sexy, Sleek and Simplistic

The Vaporesso Gen vape mod is from a brand that is known for developing solid products along with the very well performing Omni board with great power user options.

They have made some very attractive devices recently with the Luxe Nano and the Aurora Play to name just a few.

When Vaporesso release a new product, with a new chip, well, it’s time to get a little excited.. Or is it?Vaporesso Gen In Hand

What Can We Expect From The Gen Mod by Vaporesso

One thing is for sure, Vaporesso have certainly made a super sexy looking device in the Gen and it offers excellent power, super economy and simplicity all rolled into one. Powered by dual 18650 batteries it is capable of upto 220W.

The Gen mod comes in 4 colours, Silver, Blue/Black, Black and the colour which I received, Red/Black. Let’s see if this has the potential to hit our best vape mod list.

Vaporesso Gen Colours

The Vaporesso Gen was sent to me for the purposes of review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

In The Box

  • Vaporesso Gen
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable

Vaporesso Gen In The Box


  • Product Size: 93.5 x 27 x 53mm
  • Output Wattage: 5 – 220W
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not supplied)
  • Modes: Pulse, TC, CC, VV, VW, Bypass, Eco, Smart TC
  • Resistance Range: 0.03 – 5ohm
  • Chipset: Axon
  • Display: 0.91in OLED

Vaporesso Gen Specifications

View more vape devices: https://www.ave40.com/

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of the Vaporesso Gen is simply superb, or at least it was until the 510 connector developed a wobble.

Let me firstly talk about the design.

The Gen mod is designed with a super slick feel. When the Mod is held in the hand, the Vaporesso Gen’s body feels like a soft rubberised material yet looks like a metal body.

Vaporesso Gen Coating

The fire button and adjustment buttons are all perfectly placed on the front of the Mod within easy reach of the thumb when held in the hand. The OLED screen is very easy on the eye and viewable just as well in bright daylight as it is indoors.

Vaporesso Gen Button Placement

On the bottom of the device, as well as battery venting ports, you can also see the small notch to easily pull away the battery door.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Venting

The 510 connector is nicely centered on top of the Mod which is the favored location for me on all my devices.

Vaporesso Gen Centered 510 Connector

The build quality of the Vaporesso Gen, at first, was excellent, simply top quality. That was until just after a week, the 510 connector developed a wobble, not a massive wobble, but I did get movement from side to side when an RDA or RTA was attached.

It isn’t coming away at the moment of writing after 2 weeks of testing but I would certainly question it’s survivability after a month or two of adding and replacing RDA’s and RTA’s. In the picture below, you can see the 510 connector slightly raised up on one side.

Could this be down to this being a sample? Possibly but I can only report on what I have.

Vaporesso Gen Wobbly 510 Connector

OLED Screen | Functions

All the functions you require, Modes etc are accessed via 3 short presses of the middle selection button then pressing the + and – buttons allows you to navigate through the various Modes.

Vaporesso Gen Mode Selection

When you add a new atomiser to the Vaporesso Gen, you are asked if it is a new or old load then, if it is a new load, it goes through a “scan” process to determine the ohm’s of the current atomiser.

Vaporesso Gen New Attomiser

ECO Mode

One function that is very handy on the Vaporesso Gen is the Eco Mode.

When you are vaping away and reach 40% battery life, the device asks you if you want to enter Eco Mode. This is ideal if you are out and about and have no spare batteries with you or no way of charging your batteries up.

Vaporesso says the Eco mode will optimise your device and it’s settings to get the maximum life for the remaining power left in your batteries.

Vaporesso Gen Eco Mode

Pulse mode

Another function you can choose in the Vaporesso Gen settings is the Pulse Mode. For as long as you have the fire button pressed and you are taking a vape, every 0.02 seconds, the Vaporesso Gen will give you a “hit” keeping the vape at a constant high wattage and not waning off after a few seconds.

Vaporesso Gen Pulse Mode

Batteries and Placement

The batteries are placed into the sled by removing the battery door. The battery door is held in place by 2 very strong magnets. In the time I have spent testing the Vaporesso Gen, I have had no movement from the battery door at all.

On the inside of the battery door cover, Vaporesso has put a battery warning about battery wraps and about using high rate discharge batteries. In my opinion this is a nice welcome addition.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Door

The battery contacts inside the sled are gold plated with the top contacts being spring loaded.

There’s a good length of ribbon to remove your batteries easily.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Compartment

Again, like so many others, the positive and negative fade into the background and aren’t easily recognisable in dimly lit places. I really wished the markings on devices were more clearly marked.

View more vape devices: https://www.ave40.com/

How Does The Vaporesso Gen Mod Perform?

The Vaporesso performs superbly. The Axon chip is very accurate and performs as good as some other so called “high end” chips out there. If you were to do a blind test of devices and how they performed, I think you would be pleasantly surprised indeed.

Vaporesso Gen Design Quality

The Pulse Mode works very well and does keep the vape at a constant level throughout the time your thumb is pressed on the fire button.

Battery Life

The battery life, running the Vaporesso Gen in Pulse mode throughout the day with Samsung 30Q’s, lasted around 5 hours depending on my vaping style.

I tested out the Eco mode, when I was asked at 40% battery life, if I wanted to change.

When I chose to go with the Eco mode, it added another 60 minutes on top of the normal vape time. Admittedly, you don’t get the same power vape and experience but you do get your device lasting longer.

The last thing you is to be out and about with no spare batteries and no means of charging your device, right?


  • Excellent feel and quality
  • Good battery life
  • Great looks
  • Power efficient Eco Mode
  • Pulse Mode that just works
  • Easy use menu system


  • Loose 510 connector

Final Review Verdict

If the 510 connector hadn’t become “wobbly” during this test, the Vaporesso would have had a clean sweep of Pro’s on the board. Looking around though, so far, my review has been the only one with the 510 connector problem so I am assuming it is a one off, it happens.

The Vaporesso Gen mod is very user friendly and very easy to use. The Pulse Mode works as intended as does the Eco mode.

This is a great looking device and the design and feel of it is excellent. Another job well done from Vaporesso.

View the product here: https://www.ave40.com/vaporesso-gen-tc-box-mod-220w.html

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